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  • ‘He gave me my life back’: Co-worker donates kidney to colleague in need

    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Robert Downing always goes above and beyond. You won’t find a more dedicated person at BMW Midlothian, his colleagues tell WTVR. The 66-year-old part-time shuttle driver is quick with a ‘Hello’ and smile. “I started working here seven years ago,” Downing said. “Thought it was going to be a short stint, but ended up liking it.” Robert gives his all whether he’s on the clock or not. No one knows that more than Robert’s co-worker Cindy […]

  • Driver ‘literally catapulted’ kittens from window along Virginia highway, witness says

    LOUISA COUNTY, Va. — A driver in Virginia is accused of tossing two two kittens out of the window of a pickup truck in Louisa County. Both of the animals later died, according to WTVR. Cheryl Phelan reported the incident to animal control on Tuesday. She said she was driving down Route 33 near the reservoir when she saw a man throw something out the driver’s side window. “I thought what a jerk throwing trash out. I got a little closer […]

  • Oklahoma woman says she was refused service at Burger King because she is deaf

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma woman says she is frustrated after being refused service at a Burger King in Oklahoma because she is deaf, according to KFOR. Rachel Hollis says she was stopping to get food after taking her two sons to hockey practice. “I had my order ready, I had it typed on my phone. I do that often when I go through drive-thrus, it hasn’t ever been an issue,” Hollis told KFOR through an interpreter. “I show him […]

  • Cleveland police officer arrested for allegedly exposing himself, urinating on 12-year-old girl

    CLEVELAND — He took an oath to serve and protect, but a Cleveland police officer is now charged with lewd and despicable crimes against a 12-year-old girl. Prosecutors say he tried to kidnap her from a school bus stop, but he did not stop there. A Cuyahoga County grand jury indicted Solomon Nhiwatiwa on the following eight counts: 1 count of attempted kidnapping (with sexual motivation specification) 1 count of pandering obscenity involving a minor 1 count of disseminating matter harmful to […]

  • Seven Tennessee brothers served in the US Military, and all seven returned home.

    COVINGTON, Tenn. — By today’s standards, the Lyons family is large. “There’s actually 13 of us,” Charles Lyons told WREG. But the Lyons family are not only large in number. They’re also large in their sense of duty. Of the seven boys in the family, all seven served in the military, as a newly-opened exhibit at the Tipton County Museum explains. “They’ve heard of the Lyons, but they didn’t realize that there was seven brothers in this one family and […]

  • Veterinarian warns about chew toy after using saw to remove bone from dog’s mouth

    KEARNEY, Mo. — A doctor in Missouri had to remove a chew toy from a dog’s mouth with a saw after the bone was lodged in the pet’s mouth. The vet said he if he hadn’t, the dog might have died. A strong sense of panic set in quickly. Dog owner Amy Walsh was experiencing the same fear any dog owner might when her golden doodle, Bentley, began choking on a nylon chew toy. The flexible toy, which is made […]

  • Epic dance battle between Denver police officer, third grader caught on camera

    DENVER — A wholesome moment between a Denver police officer and a third-grade boy was caught on camera over the weekend. The video shows the pair going at it in a breakdance battle on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, according to KDVR. DPD Officer Thanaret Phuvapaisalkij, known to most as “PJ,” says it’s normal for kids to come up to the motorcycles and ask for a picture. What happened over the weekend is not normal, but it’s something […]

  • Jury awards man $50 million after he says officers beat him, locked him in closet

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Arnold Black of East Cleveland still relives being locked in a closet. “I remember. I remember being in that room more than anything because I was afraid,” Black told WJW. Seven years ago, Black claims East Cleveland police locked him in a storage closet for four days with no toilet and nothing to eat or drink but a carton of milk. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to come out of the room. I didn’t know […]

  • ‘Beauty bandit’ allegedly steals wigs designed for cancer patients

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The search is on to find a woman who allegedly stole wigs designed for cancer patients from a family-owned business in northern Colorado. “This is our most popular wig. It looks really natural. The coloring is fantastic,” Marcia Lilly told KDVR. Marcia and Brandon Lilly own The Life of the Party. It’s a costume store in Fort Collins that the family says is home to the largest selections of wigs in northern Colorado. The Lillys take […]

  • Man turns himself into police 13 years to the day after wife’s murder

    LAKE GENEVA – A Wisconsin man has been charged with second degree murder in the death of a Missouri woman who’s been missing for 13 years. On Aug. 4, 2006 in Boone County, Missouri, Megan Shultz and her husband got into an argument at their apartment, according to WITI. The next day, her husband Keith Comfort filed a report with Columbia police, saying he last saw her walking away. On Sunday, 13 years to the day, Comfort walked into the […]

  • Man arrested in rape, murder of 14-year-old girl nearly 40 years later

    DOBSON, N.C. — The Surry County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in the 1980 rape and killing of a teenage girl, according to a news release. Robert James Adkins, 62, of Dobson, is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree forcible rape. The sheriff’s office said the charges stem from the death of Ronda Mechelle Blaylock. WGHP spoke with Ronda’s mom back in 2015. She has since passed away. Ronda, 14, was a ninth-grade student at Atkins High School when her […]

  • Ohio teen receives kidney as his twin brother continues to wait for donor

    CLEVELAND – Months after a Huron mother displayed a billboard for her twins pleading for kidney donors, one child is recovering from a successful transplant surgery. In April, Beth Meadows said the billboard was a call to action her twin boys, 15-year-old Cameron and Jacob Meadows, desperately needed. Last week, the family got a call they say they have waited so long to receive. “We got a call at 7 o’clock Saturday night saying they had a kidney for Cameron […]

  • Teen caught shoplifting just minutes after being released from jail for shoplifting

    CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A 19-year-old repeat shoplifting suspect has police shaking their heads. The teen was arrested two days ago, after a police chase and crash. Now he’s been arrested again, less than a mile from the police department – about 30 minutes after getting out of jail. Police responding to a shoplifting call at the Macy’s at Chesterfield Mall couldn’t believe it when they arrived saw who the suspect was. It was Christopher Carter, 19, of St. Louis. He […]

  • Deaf dog who went missing on hike with owner found days later

    HAMDEN – What an introduction to Sleeping Giant State Park for Quinnipiac University’s new Dean of the School of Communications. “I figured this was a good place to go for a walk with the dogs on Saturday,” said Chris Roush, who started his job at QU last week. He said, with his wife out of town on business, he hiked Sleeping Giant with his two dogs for the first time. “And, my 17-year-old dog, Sadie, sees this crevice, that goes […]

  • MacKenzie Lueck murder suspect wanted to carry out disturbing’ project, landscaper says

    SALT LAKE CITY – A new witness is  troubled by what MacKenzie Lueck’s alleged murderer asked him to do in the days after she disappeared. That man told KSTU Ajayi reached out to him for a backyard landscaping project. That proposed project has now turned into evidence for detectives. Landon Fullmer owns 360 Landscapes. He’s taken on quite a few projects for the busy summer season. There’s one project in particular he’ll always remember – even though he never actually […]

  • Ohio hospital is dressing up newborns in Baby Shark onesies for Shark Week

    CINCINNATI – If you thought Shark Week couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. Discovery Channel’s sacred summer tradition began Sunday and The Christ Hospital Health Network decided to celebrate too. Every baby born at the Cincinnati hospital from July 28 through August 3 will receive a limited edition Baby Shark Onesie. And they are cute. The fun isn’t just for baby sharks. For the complete Baby Shark experience, a special Snapchat filter has been activated at the hospital’s two birthing centers and the aquarium. Bo McMillan, a […]

  • Boy left in tackle box at Colorado fire station as a baby now thankful for new life

    GREELEY, Colo. — When Greeley firefighters found a newborn baby outside the Station 7 door one September afternoon in 2006, it was a day of mixed emotions. “The baby was wrapped inside two towels inside the tackle box. The umbilical cord was still there — about 4 to 5 inches long where it had been cut,” said firefighter Bill Boyd. Now, nearly 13 years later, that baby boy is a 12-year-old named Tyler Dodd, according to KDVR. “He can’t fit in […]

  • Mother accused of overdosing in convenience store bathroom while son was locked in car

    CHARLACK, Mo. – A Missouri woman is accused of overdosing on fentanyl in a convenience store bathroom, leaving her five-year-old son locked inside her car. No one else knew he was there. Police look at the case as yet another new low in the opioid crisis. Anastasia Trinidad, 24, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Both she and her son could have died, police told KTVI. According to a spokesman for the St. Ann Police Department, the […]

  • Cameras catch Oklahoma woman tossing puppy into dumpster

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A puppy was tossed into a dumpster like a bag of trash, and it was all caught on camera. “I saw a female lady that had taken a dog by the neck, walked it across the parking lot, carrying it and chucked it into the dumpster,” C.R. Head told KFOR. Head is the property manger at the Red Rose Apartments in northwest Oklahoma City. He was shocked when he went back to look at surveillance video from last […]

  • Horse saved from neglectful trainer takes first place in competition

    FRUITPORT, Mich. — A horse in Michigan that nearly died from malnourishment almost a year ago has transformed into a champion, according to WXMI. Helga was one of eight horses that were seized from a neglectful trainer last August. When they were recovered, veterinarians didn’t expect any of them to survive because they were so malnourished. Fortunately for the horses, Nancy Smith and a group of 4-H students stepped in and took care of them. On Thursday, Helga showed everyone how far […]

  • Man put into medically induced coma after suffering lung damage from vaping

    BURLINGTON, Wis. – A Wisconsin man nearly lost his life after he became sick from vaping, according to his brother. “These street vapes are very, very dangerous. My brother nearly lost his life,” said Patrick DeGrave, victim’s brother. “The trauma that he caused to his lungs is significant, the trauma that he caused to his heart is significant,” DeGrave told WITI. DeGrave’s brother went to Aurora Memorial Hospital after he was having issues breathing. At first, doctors thought it might be […]

  • Donation jar stolen at fundraiser for young mother who had legs, fingers amputated

    MILWAUKEE – From stomach pains to septic shock, a Milwaukee mother is lucky to be alive after a sudden illness left her permanently disabled. Now she faces another blow on her road to recovery. A weekend fundraiser ended badly when someone stole the donation jar with hundreds of dollars in it. Despite the loss, Kia Brazil remained optimistic about the future. Brazil was back to being a mom on Tuesday, playing with her kids just a few months after she […]

  • School district that threatened foster care for kids who didn’t pay lunch debt accused of refusing CEO’s donation

    The Wyoming Valley West School District made national headlines for sending letters to parents threatening to have their children put in foster care if they don’t pay off their school lunch debt. Now, a Philadelphia businessman has offered to pay off the debt – but the school turned him down, according to WNEP. The district says it’s owed $22,000 for unpaid lunches and sent about 1,000 letters to parents telling them to pay up. News of the threatening letters reached Todd […]

  • Arkansas family buys hundreds of shoes at local Payless to donate to those in need

    FORT SMITH, Ark. — For one Arkansas mom, what started out as a trip to the mall to buy her kids some shoes turned out to become a way to give back to their community. “As I was checking out I just said ‘how much for the rest of the shoes in the store,’ almost joking and I could see the clerks, her face, her wheels start to turn and she finished checking me out. She said ‘can I have […]

  • Instagram post shows fishing guide’s dog killing fawn

    ANTONITO, Colo. – Fishing guide Michael Garcia reportedly filmed his dog attacking and killing a fawn. He then called it a “big game kill” on Instagram, according to KDVR. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it is actively investigating the incident. “Unethical on his part and un-remorseful,” said Clint Lockhart, one of many Coloradans outraged over the Instagram post. In Garcia’s post, which has since been deleted, a caption reads: “Gus provided the best action at the end of the day. […]

  • Murder suspect allowed to use dead wife’s insurance policy to pay for his defense

    DENVER – Murder suspect Robert Feldman officially fired his public defender Monday and rehired private defense attorney David Kaplan. The move was made possible by a Colorado Supreme Court decision in June that says the law firm is an independent third party who was given the funds legally before the Probate Court tried to have them frozen. Feldman, 55, was charged with first-degree murder in 2018, three years after his wife Stacy was found dead in the couple’s shower, according to KDVR […]

  • Woman furious after man who raped her gets 45-day sentence

    DENVER – A plea deal has left a Denver rape victim feeling victimized twice, first by her attacker, then by the judge, according to KDVR. Denver District Court Judge John Madden sentenced Jared Bates to 45 days in jail last Friday after the 29-year old man agreed to plead guilty to attempted sexual assault. But since Bates had already served 47 days after his initial arrest, the judge released him for time served. “I want women to know his face, […]

  • Hundreds of classroom ducks being abandoned at New York City parks

    NEW YORK CITY — As schools let out and summer vacation begins, hundreds of classroom ducks in New York City are abandoned at parks, according to WPIX. A new bill is looking to ban classroom hatching projects. Ducklings hatched in an incubator are easy to spot: they have smaller wings, they can’t fly and they are larger than most. They’re less likely able to protect themselves, making them easy targets for predators. “They are well meaning and they think they […]

  • Video shows Mississippi man running for his life as possible tornado closes in on him

    VICTORIA, Miss. — A man says he ran for his life after he encountered a possible tornado on Tuesday. It was part of a storm system that left a trail of damage in Marshall County. Tennail Richard was on his Marshall County property working in his shed when the powerful storm hit, according to WREG. Four security cameras were rolling and clearly showed Richard’s concern as the wind and rain moved in. He knew he had to come up with an […]

  • Restaurant uses pizza boxes to help find missing pets

    MATAWAN, N.J. — A New Jersey pizzeria that has been in business for 45 years has found a new way to pay it forward: putting the faces of missing pets on the top of every pizza box. “I thought to myself, ‘how can I help?'” John Sanfratello, owner of Angelo’s on Broad Street in Matawan, told WPIX. Sanfratello was on Facebook when he saw a missing cat posted that looked just like his own. “I turned around and I see […]

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