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  • Five-year-old Utah boy sells drawings to raise money for California wildfire victims

    UTAH COUNTY, Utah — As the devastating fires rage in California, a little boy in Utah is raising money for the thousands of people who have lost their homes, according to KSTU. This story starts back in September when the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires were burning, and 5-year-old Benny Ashby of Vineyard was worried the fires were going to burn down his house. Months later, Benny heard about the fires in California and knew he had to do […]

  • NYPD cop gives woman cash after hearing she was short to buy ‘Hamilton’ tickets

    NEW YORK CITY — A mother who stood in line for days to get tickets to ‘Hamilton’ nearly lost her chance to see the show when she realized she was short on cash, but a nearby NYPD officer stepped in and saved the day. The Irish tourist was in New York for the first time, police said. She ran for help when she realized she was $20 short and met Officer DiCandia from the Times Square Unit, according to WPIX. “He […]

  • Firefighter protected neighbors’ homes as his burned

    VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. – Although some homes were lost in one Southern California neighborhood, many residents say the damage could have been much worse had it not been for a local firefighter and his family. Neighbors said that the reason so many of their homes are still standing is because of firefighter Mike Williams, who is stationed at Ventura County Fire Department Station 36 in Oak Park. The Williams family did lose their home to the fire, but they escaped […]

  • Uber driver charged with kidnapping, kissing 15-year-old girl in Colorado

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A Colorado Uber driver was arrested over the weekend for allegedly kidnapping and forcing himself onto a teenage passenger. According to deputies, just after 10 p.m. on Saturday, Uber driver Ahmed Muse picked up the teen at her job in the 100 block of North Rubey Drive in Golden using UberPOOL to go to her home 10 miles away, according to KDVR. Brianna Allen lives just 15 minutes away from work at the Cast Iron Tavern, […]

  • Man wearing ‘I ❤️ Jesus’ hat breaks into church, rips Bibles

    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia reverend is in disbelief after someone broke into his church, ripped Bibles, spray-painted walls, and smashed a glass window. For 28 years, Ironbridge Church has served the community. On Tuesday it was a polling location for Election Day. “So apparently our electronic system did not work properly to re-lock one of the doors that was unlocked for the polling,” said Rev. Dennis Green. Around 11:30 Tuesday night, surveillance cameras caught a male suspect make […]

  • Dog found protecting boy as deadly fire ripped through California home, mother says

    POLLOCK PINES, Calif. – A California family was lucky to be alive after an early morning fire ripped through their home Tuesday, killing several of the family’s pets. A charred skeleton was all that was left of the home Wednesday. “When it first happens you’re just thankful that everybody’s in one spot,” Lisa Marghella told KTXL. Marghella, who lives on Sly Park Road with her husband and son, said she woke up Tuesday morning to her husband yelling for her […]

  • Doctor accused of racism after criticizing patient for not speaking English

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Video shows a heated confrontation between a cardiologist and his patient’s family after he insults their mother for not speaking English. “I was shocked. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it,” Yuset Galura told KTLA. Galura and her daughter accompanied Galura’s 67-year-old mother, Maria Ramirez, to her heart appointment. She said she never imagined what would happen next after her mom greeted that physician, Paul Ryan. “As soon as the doctor walked in the room, she asked him […]

  • Iowa pastor preaches from bulletproof pulpit called ‘The Sermonator’

    DES MOINES, Iowa – At Fort Des Moines Church of Christ, Pastor Mike Demastus says the staff does everything they can to ensure the safety of their congregation –including the construction of a bulletproof pulpit and a magnetic gun mount, according to WHO. “Sometimes it makes for things to be a little awkward and uncomfortable,” said Pastor Demastus. “People don’t understand why there’s people with head pieces, you know, [they say] why are you doing that, or whatever. But it’s […]

  • Rutgers football player confessed to double-murder plot, detectives say

    NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Police say Rutgers University football player Izaia Bullock had a mask, gloves and crushed Tylenol in his car – tools to be used in an alleged double-murder plot, according to WPIX. Izaia Bullock, a 22-year-old junior who played linebacker for the New Jersey university, was arrested and charged Tuesday with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. Police say Bullock, who was reportedly struggling with a break-up, admitted to planning […]

  • Nurse fired after posting photo of her in blackface for Halloween costume

    LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A nurse’s Halloween costume has led to her firing and an investigation at Saint Luke’s Health System, according to WDAF. The woman, a nurse with Saint Luke’s East Hospital in Lee’s Summit, was seen on Facebook wearing blackface, dressed as Beyonce. The man next to her is dressed as Jay Z. A picture of the same woman from 2009 shows her dressed up as another member of Destiny’s Child. Saint Luke’s said that it learned about […]

  • Family traumatized after home monitoring system hacked by stranger

    LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — A mother in Long Island says a stranger hacked her family’s Nest camera and tried having a conversation with her five-year-old son, according to WPIX. Nest ads will show you beautiful images of mother nature captured on their outdoor cameras, life’s silly moments and even those moments when your child is up to no good.  But for this Long Island mother, the Nest cam she and her husband set up around their home to act as […]

  • Indiana boy battling cancer is asking for police patches from all over the country

    KOKOMO, Ind. – A Kokomo boy fighting cancer is hoping to collect hundreds of police patches from across the country, according to WTTV. Jeremiah Derks, 12, was diagnosed with cancer in July. He is currently going through chemotherapy and just had surgery this month. He has become a very big fan of law enforcement during this challenging time. First, sheriff’s deputies Howard County in central Indiana visited him and even made him an honorary deputy. Then, a city of Kokomo police […]

  • Six years after Superstorm Sandy, nearly 1,200 New Jersey families still can’t go home

    UNION BEACH, N.J. – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday that more money will now be available to homeowners still struggling to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, while people who already took out loans from the state to rebuild may now be able to have some or all of their debt forgiven. “We want to work with people who are struggling financially to determine what they can realistically contribute,” said Governor Murphy (D-NJ.) “We want to get them across the […]

  • Seattle landlords are honoring their faith by giving tenants a month of free rent

    SEATTLE, Wash. – A pair of Seattle landlords have taken inspiration from a passage in the Bible by offering free rent for the month of November. Mickey Bambrick and her husband Kory Slaatthaug own the Lunde Apartments in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, and explained to KCPQ why they decided to do it and how giving tenants free rent benefits them the most. “I was a renter for 23 years and I know that feeling,” Bambrick said. Slaatthaug and Bambrick have been the sole […]

  • Surveillance video shows kittens being thrown from car in front of animal shelter

    STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Directors at the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe animal shelter are trying to identify who threw three kittens out of their car over the weekend, according to WNEP. Directors at AWSOM say the cats were thrown out of the vehicle on Sunday just thiry-minutes before the shelter opened for the day. Now they are hoping to find the persons responsible. The video shows three cats being thrown out of the passenger side door of a dark-colored […]

  • Man facing deportation after testifying against daughter’s molester, family says

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – An California man picked up by immigration officials after appearing in court to seek a restraining order against his daughter’s molester could be deported Tuesday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained Marcos Villanueva in August, just two days after he testified in court to defend his 12-year-old daughter, according to his lawyer. She had accused her 51-year-old uncle of molesting her, attorney Willard Bakeman told KTLA. A judge dismissed the case in July due to lack of evidence, the O.C. […]

  • Daughter of hero officer killed in 9/11 attacks graduates from NYPD Police Academy

    NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – The daughter of a New York Police Department officer killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks graduated from the NYPD Police Academy on Monday. Her father, Officer Ramon Suarez, was killed during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. He’d commandeered a taxi to get to the scene of the terror attack and was last seen running back into the North Tower after he and another officer saved a woman who was unable to walk, according to […]

  • Alleged child molester had at least one victim’s name tattooed on arm, police say

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. – New documents show a Colorado group home leader, arrested for molesting at-risk youths under his supervision, had tattoos inked into his arm with the name or names of at least one of his alleged victims. Affidavits show 55-year-old William Wayne Sexton sits in jail facing at least 10 felony counts of sexual assault, including charges related to sexual assault by a person in a position of trust with children under the age of 15. When Sexton was […]

  • One-year-old burned after pulling slow cooker off counter

    BLANCHARD, Okla. – The mother of a one-year-old girl in Oklahoma is warning other families after her child was burned from juice in a crock pot, according to KFOR. “In an instant, everything just kind of changed,” said Vanesa Herrera. Terrifying moments in what had been just an ordinary evening for Herrera and her daughter, Azra. “Usually, the routine is to put her in the high chair, give her a snack and then do whatever I needed to do but, this […]

  • Teenager loses fingers from ‘piece of trash’ that was a homemade explosive

    HARTFORD Conn — Tanisha Gabriele says her 16-year-old son thought he was picking up a piece of trash in his friend’s backyard, not an explosive, according to WTIC. “It’s scary but he’s strong, and he’s gonna make it through it, no matter what, he’s a tough kid and he’s keeping me strong,” said Tanisha Gabriele, the mother of the teenager who picked up the explosive. On Sunday evening, Gabriele’s 16-year-old son, Carlos, was in the backyard of a friend’s house in […]

  • ‘I’m going to die a slow death.’ Insurance stops covering man’s life-saving medication

    ELK GROVE, Calif. —Mark Dendy has been able to live a normal life thanks to a variety of life-saving medicines, but now he says his insurance company will no longer be covering the sky-high cost of Syprine. Mark Dendy usually has a healthy sense of humor with the staff and students he tutors at Brightwood College in Sacramento. Many have no idea that, for Dendy, his work is a distraction from a life-threatening disease that is literally poisoning him from […]

  • Woman’s ‘dirty little secret’ revealed during radio call-in outrages people with celiac disease

    ST. LOUIS – During a radio segment called “Dirty Little Secret,” a woman claimed she lies to customers about gluten-free products at the bakery she works at. Dana Smith said she was listening to Z1077 on her radio when the show went to a segment called “Dirty Little Secret.” A listener called in and said she worked at a bakery and lied to customers by telling them there was no gluten in the baked goods when there actually was, according […]

  • Cheerleader allegedly brings pot brownies to school to win votes for Homecoming queen

    HARTFORD, Mich. – The term “higher education” is taking on a new meaning in Van Buren County after police say a cheerleader allegedly brought some pot-laced brownies to school. Hartford Police can’t recall anything like this ever happening in their town. They say that the student, a 17-year-old female, gave those brownies to some athletes at the school. The brownies were included inside goodie bags for the football team during Homecoming week, according to WXMI. “The principal mentioned they were […]

  • 1 electrocuted, 1 in critical condition after fall at Oklahoma canal

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  A 23-year-old man was electrocuted and another man on his honeymoon is now in critical condition after an accident at an Oklahoma canal. The man who died has been identified as 23-year-old Wesley Seeley. On Sunday evening, 911 dispatchers in Oklahoma City received several calls about an accident at the Bricktown Canal. “A guy was taking a picture, his girlfriend was taking a picture of her boyfriend. And he was holding on a lamp and he fell in […]

  • Indiana National Guard investigating soldier’s alleged involvement in brawl at Cubs game

    CHICAGO, Ill. – A viral video shows a racially-charged fight break out in the bleacher section of Wrigley Field Monday night during the team’s Hispanic Heritage Day. The brawl broke out in the bleachers after Monday night’s 5-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. At least one person was caught on video shouting racial slurs as security struggled to separate the participants, according to WGN. David Holcombe was at the game and said he saw a pile of people that had each other […]

  • Woman’s years-long search for kidney donor ends thanks to ad on her car

    SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Teri Sampson is now recovering following a successful kidney transplant surgery – and she got the chance to meet the woman who saved her life. Teri Sampson’s story began in 2017.  Sampson, who has a rare genetic disorder and rare type B-negative blood, was having difficulty finding a compatible kidney because only 2 percent of the U.S. population matches that blood type, according to KSWB. So, with time running out she put the information on the back […]

  • Man arrested for three deadly beatings in Southern California, disappearance of relatives in Texas

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. – A man who fled Texas following the disappearance of his aunt and uncle has been linked to a series of violent beatings, three of them deadly, in Los Angeles, officials announced Tuesday. Ramon Escobar, 47, was booked on suspicion of murder in the death of three men, LAPD and Santa Monica police said at a news conference. He was also detained on suspicion of attempted murder in the assault of four other men, according to KTLA. […]

  • Popcorn-loving wallaby on the run in Pennsylvania

    CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. –  A wallaby is hopping around York County, shocking residents who aren’t accustomed to seeing the marsupial in Pennsylvania, according to WPMT. A few residents spotted it hopping in their backyard off Wise Road in Chanceford Township. The Cunninghams had never seen a wallaby in their area until Monday night, when a neighbor’s escaped and came hopping along onto their grass. A wallaby is a marsupial or a pouched animal, according to National Geographic. “You […]

  • Virginia prisons will no longer allow visitors to wear tampons

    RICHMOND, Va. -Women visiting friends, family, and loved ones incarcerated in Virginia prisons will no longer be allowed to wear a tampon during that visit once a new Virginia Department of Corrections policy goes into effect next month, according to WTVR. “If someone chooses to visit a Virginia Department of Corrections inmate, he or she cannot have anything hidden inside a body cavity,” Virginia Department of Corrections Director of Communications Lisa Kinney explained. “There have been many instances in which […]

  • Singer Gary Numan’s tour bus involved in deadly accident in downtown Cleveland

    CLEVELAND — A 91-year-old man was fatally struck by Gary Numan’s tour bus while crossing the street in downtown Cleveland on Monday, according to WJW. Cleveland police say at about 12:40 p.m., the bus was making a right turn in downtown Cleveland when it struck a 91-year-old man who was walking within the crosswalk. There have been no arrests at this time; police say the investigation is ongoing. Gary Numan, best known for his 1979 hit “Cars,” was in town […]