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  • A 4-year-old boy was swept away by floodwaters while playing in Indiana

    DELPHI, Ind. – Rescuers are expected to restart their search Saturday morning for a 4-year-old boy who was swept away in a flooded Indiana creek after heavy rains hit the region, authorities said. Catastrophic storms tore through the central US this week, unleashing flooding and tornadoes, and devastating parts of the region. Owen Jones was playing Thursday with his friends near Deer Creek in Delphi when the incident happened. A group of kids — between ages 12 and 16 — […]

  • Flour sold at Aldi recalled after 17 people in 8 states get sick

    The discount supermarket chain Aldi recalled 5-pound bags of its Baker’s Corner All-Purpose Flour Thursday because they may be contaminated with E. coli. Seventeen people have been reported being sick in eight states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Three of those people have been hospitalized. People interviewed by the CDC said they ate, licked or tasted raw, homemade dough or batter. Two people told the CDC they ate raw dough or batter made with flour or baking […]

  • Nickelodeon actor Michael D. Cohen reveals he transitioned

    “Henry Danger” star Michael D. Cohen has gone public with the fact he transitioned from being a woman to a man nearly 20 years ago. The actor, 43, who has portrayed Schwoz on the Nickelodeon series since 2014, talked to Time magazine about his journey. “I was misgendered at birth,” he said. “I identify as male, and I am proud that I have had a transgender experience — a transgender journey.” According to the publication, Cohen “does not use the word transgender […]

  • Artist creates stamp placing Harriet Tubman on $20 bills as act of ‘civil disobedience’

    NEW YORK — A New York designer is taking an act of “civil disobedience” after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced Wednesday that a redesign of the $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman’s face would not be ready in time for its planned 2020 release. In April the treasury announced Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. According to USA Today Mnuchin said the bill’s delay could could last eight years, citing “counterfeiting issues” as the reason behind it. This […]

  • This 14-year-old Georgia girl will be youngest student to attend Spelman College

    STONECREST, Ga. — A 14-year-old Georgia girl will be the youngest student to attend Spelman College after excelling academically from a young age. Sydney Wilson was solving algebraic equations in the first grade and began taking high-school level classes at The Wilson Academy when she was ten. The Wilson Academy is a year-round private school located in Stonecrest, Georgia.  The school was founded by Sydney’s father, Akron, Ohio native and Ohio State University graduate Byron F. Wilson, in 2002.  The school is […]

  • Video shows garbage can being thrown at California officers breaking up fight

    STOCKTON, Calif. — A Stockton high school was on lockdown Friday afternoon after an all-out brawl ensued between students, teachers and police.  The incident was caught on video. It happened at Bear Creek High School around 10:45 a.m., prompting the Lodi Unified School District to place the school on lockdown for close to 90 minutes. A former student said fights were common at the school, but after seeing the video of the incident – that began with a single student […]

  • Tennessee mother questions ‘one-sided’ family life education, claims it shames girls

    GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — The school year is ending but that’s not keeping a group of Germantown parents from speaking up over their kids’ middle school family life curriculum. Two moms have now contacted the superintendent and school board, asking them to change the curriculum. “I think it’s negligent to completely leave boys out of a conversation about teenage pregnancy,” Jessica Schepman said. “They’re teaching abstinence only by shaming girls into abstinence, and they shouldn’t be using shame to teach anything.” […]

  • When their mailman retired, the neighbors along his route gave him a special send-off

    ATLANTA – Floyd Martin’s last day on the job was anything but typical. The Atlanta man retired Wednesday after working nearly 35 years as a postal carrier. People in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood where he’s delivered the mail all these years wanted to send him out in style as he worked his route for the last time. As his mail truck moved through the area, the neighbors gave him hugs and gifts. They decorated their mailboxes in his honor and […]

  • Florida man dies by suicide after service dog is killed by alligator

    PARRISH, Fla. – A man died by suicide after his service dog was eaten by an alligator last week in Manatee County, Florida, WFLA reports. Andrew Epp died Saturday, just one day after his dog Java was killed by an alligator near a dog park that sits close to Buffalo Creek. The dog park is located near wetlands and the attack reportedly happened after Java got loose while outside the fence around Dog Leg Park. On Friday, the Bradenton Herald reported […]

  • Utah woman faces murder charge after police say she admitted to smothering 3-year-old stepdaughter

    VERNAL, Utah — A woman has been booked into jail and faces charges of aggravated murder and child abuse after police said she admitted to smothering her 3-year-old stepdaughter. McKenley Jordan Yadon was arrested this month after the girl arrived at a Utah hospital with fatal injuries March 14. According to a statement of probable cause, the child had severe bruising that medical experts said did not match the woman’s account of what happened to the young girl. An autopsy determined […]

  • Gene therapy gets FDA approval – and a $2 million price tag

    The US Food and Drug Administration approved a treatment Friday for a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy that causes infants’ muscles to waste away, potentially killing them before age 2. And then came the price tag: $2.125 million for a one-time treatment. The gene therapy, called Zolgensma, will be marketed by AveXis, whose parent company is Novartis. “Today’s approval marks another milestone in the transformational power of gene and cell therapies to treat a wide range of diseases,” Dr. Ned Sharpless, […]

  • Police: Man drives drunk to police headquarters to pick up woman charged with DWI

    NEW JERSEY – A man was arrested Friday after police said he drove – while intoxicated – to pick up a woman from police headquarters after she was charged with DWI, according to WFMZ. Police said an officer smelled alcohol during a traffic stop for a moving violation, which led to the arrest of 21-year-old Morgan Doran. Doran was charged with driving while intoxicated. At the police station, Doran called 24-year-old Sebastian Rehm to pick her up. When he arrived, police said […]

  • A convicted serial killer and rapist was executed as 2 women who survived his attacks watched

    It took more than three decades, but convicted serial killer and rapist Bobby Joe Long was executed Thursday evening in Florida as two of his surviving victims looked on. “I wanted to look him in the eye,” said Lisa McVey Noland, who was 17 when Long kidnapped her early November 3, 1984, as she was riding her bicycle home from work. Long raped her and held her hostage for more 26 hours before letting her go, she said. “I wanted […]

  • Human composting is now legal in Washington, and this company will help you do it

    SEATTLE  – The composting of human remains just became legal in Washington, and Katrina Spade’s company is helping people making their final resting places green. “You just get to return to nature. We want our last gesture on earth to align with the way we tried to live our lives,” Spade said. In 2014, Spade launched a non-profit called “The Urban Death Project.”  Her goal is to give people a natural alternative from cremation and burial: human composting. On Wednesday, Washington […]

  • ‘He’s not dead, he’s just sleeping’: Napping Iowa dog causes some concern for locals

    MUSCATINE, Iowa – Hudson the husky may not know a lot of tricks, but he does do a pretty convincing “play dead.” The dog is frequently worrying customers at Rick’s Automotive because of where he chooses to nap. A pile of fur, looking lifeless on the driveway, makes people passing by worry Hudson is dead. “I had second thoughts like well, maybe I better make sure he’s OK,” one customer told WQAD. But maybe the customer isn’t always right. We […]

  • Rescue dog named Meatball is cruising in his very own sidecar, celebrating life

    NEW ORLEANS – If you only had one year to live, what would you do? Meatball, a 5-year old American bulldog with DCM, is living his best life with his new owner. “DCM is Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and what that means is he has an enlarged heart that will keep enlarging, and eventually it will fail on him,” Meatball’s owner, Steve Grad said. “He takes 5 pills every 12 hours. He’s on prescription dog food. So far so good. It’s helping extend his […]

  • Police: Missouri bank teller ‘financially stalked’ woman, stole thousands from account

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A former west St. Louis County bank teller accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank customer is facing another stealing charge after a second victim was discovered. Michelle Green, 58, was previously charged with stealing $25,000 or more. Last week, Green was arrested again on another stealing charge. While working as a teller at Regions Bank in Ellisville, investigators said Green befriended a customer and skimmed money from that customer’s bank accounts. During […]

  • An Arizona man’s missing mother was buried in the backyard – and he was collecting her benefit checks

    PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – The last time anyone saw 97-year-old Leonie Shannon was in late December. In April, police were finally called to her Phoenix-area home for a wellness check. Her son, who was her caretaker, told authorities she had walked away from the house in the suburb of San Tan Valley four months prior, and it wasn’t the first time she had disappeared. Police became suspicious of Daniel Shannon. They said his story changed each time he was interviewed. […]

  • 62,000 pounds of meat recalled days before Memorial Day for E. coli concerns

    If you’re planning on firing up the grill this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to double check your meat products before you get a very un-festive surprise. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a recall for more than 62,000 pounds of raw beef due to E. coli concerns. Here are some things to keep in mind when checking your labels: The meat was packaged at the Aurora Packing Company, Inc in North Aurora, […]

  • A disabled woman who gave birth at a Phoenix care facility was likely pregnant before, documents allege

    PHOENIX – A disabled woman who gave birth at an Arizona long-term care facility had been raped repeatedly, and had likely been pregnant before, new documents allege. Her lawyers filed a $45 million notice of claim to Arizona Wednesday with allegations against the state along with Hacienda HealthCare, where the woman had lived since 1992. She delivered a boy at the facility in late December, shocking her caregivers, who said they had no idea she was pregnant. She has since left the facility. Authorities obtained […]

  • Missouri woman says her sister was impregnated at assisted living facility with history of complaints

    ST. LOUIS – Erica Turner knows how trying supporting a person with mental illness can be. “It gets so bad, she’s pulled out a butcher knife on me and turned around and cried and apologized,” Turner said. Her sister’s breakdown could’ve been a breaking point, but Turner’s family ties are strong. “She suffers from bipolar schizophrenia, mental retardation,” she said. After years of counseling and case workers, a local organization helped place Turner’s sister in the Normandy Nursing Center. During […]

  • Police: Mother, boyfriend beat 7-year-old, tied him up in infested basement

    CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. — A 7-year-old boy who Caroline County deputies say was abused by his mother and her boyfriend is in critical care at VCU Medical Center, according to WTVR. Investigators were trying to get a clearer picture of what the sheriff called “one of the worst abuse and neglect cases” he’s seen in his over 40-year career. They executed a search warrant at the home where the boy lived with his mom, 29-year-old Ashley Karam and her boyfriend, […]

  • Frank Baez celebrates with his family after graduating Monday from New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing. He posed with his grandmother Tomasina De los Santos, left, his mom, Santa Marte, and his older brother Juan Baez. Photo: New York University

    Nurse graduates from NYU years after he worked there as a janitor

    Frank Baez got his first healthcare experience as a teenager, mopping floors and cleaning patients’ rooms as a hospital janitor at New York University. This week, the 29-year-old got his nursing degree from NYU’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing after finishing an accelerated 15-month program. “It was a very intense program, I’ll tell you that. It was a lot of work,” he told CNN. “It was worth it, it paid off at the end. Here I am now, a graduated nurse.” Baez […]

  • Meet Karli, the new ‘Sesame Street’ muppet in foster care

    “Sesame Street” has introduced a new Muppet with the aim of highlighting the stories and unique love of foster families. The center of the new initiative is a Muppet named Karli, a yellow-haired friend of Elmo’s who introduces viewers to the concept of “for-now parents.” In one video, Karli’s foster mom explains to Elmo that Karli’s mother is “having a hard time” and that they will “keep her safe until her mommy can take care of her again.” Elmo innocently […]

  • Ohio students accused of putting semen, urine in food for teachers

    POWELL, Ohio – Multiple middle school students are under investigation after they allegedly put bodily fluids into food served to their teachers, according to WBNS. The incident, which happened Thursday at Hyatts Middle School, could constitute felony assault, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said. Students allegedly put either urine or semen on crepes being served to teachers at the school. Video of the incident was shared with administrators the same day, WBNS reported. The school district released a statement saying […]

  • Eiffel Tower evacuated as man seen climbing the landmark

    PARIS – The Eiffel Tower is being evacuated after a man was seen climbing up the side of the structure on Monday afternoon, officials told CNN. Visitors began tweeting pictures and videos of the individual climbing up the tower, which is 324 meters (1,062 feet) tall. “The Eiffel Tower has been closed and is in the process of being evacuated because a person is scaling it,” a spokeswoman for the landmark said. Firefighters are at the scene and have established contact with […]

  • Washington homeowner tried to defend his property with a stick. When that didn’t work, he used a gun.

    THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — A Washington man was froced to defend himself Friday when a homeless intruder broke into his home. Police said the suspect trespassed onto the property and refused to leave after being asked by the homeowner. The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said when the intruder didn’t leave, he started to come through the back door and attack the homeowner. Detectives said the homeowner did his best to fend off the burglary suspect in his kitchen using a piece […]

  • California man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting neighbors’ 3-year-old

    SAN DIEGO — A registered sex offender who raped and sodomized his next door neighbors’ 3-year-old girl after breaking into their San Diego home pleaded guilty Friday. Francisco Diaz, 47, pleaded guilty to four felony counts, according to City News Service. He now reportedly faces 85 years in prison. On Aug. 11, Diaz broke a screen and slipped through the window of the sleeping girl’s room. When he began sexually assaulting the girl, she woke up and cried. The girl’s […]

  • Woman allegedly attacked boyfriend with box cutter because he didn’t get her a birthday present

    WEST NEWTON BOROUGH, Pa. – A woman is accused of attacking her boyfriend with a box cutter because she didn’t get the birthday she was expecting. A few hours after taking Georgia Michelle Zowacki out to dinner for her 55th birthday, her boyfriend said she became upset nobody bought her a card, cake or gift. He also said she had been drinking vodka throughout the day to celebrate. “Next thing you know, I’m getting stabbed,” the boyfriend, David Rae, told […]

  • Arkansas woman sentenced to prison after posing as deputy, springing boyfriend from jail

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A Fayetteville woman was given 15 years in prison for posing as a California sheriff’s deputy in order to spring her boyfriend from jail. Maxine Feldstein, 30, pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County Circuit Court to forgery, third-degree escape and second-degree criminal impersonation. Judge Mark Lindsay sentenced her to 30 years in prison but suspended half of the sentence. Feldstein presented false paperwork to the Washington County Detention Center in July 2018, which fooled the jailers into releasing her […]

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