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  • David’s Bridal files for bankruptcy

    David’s Bridal has been buried under a mountain of debt. It hasn’t helped that fewer people are tying the knot lately. The nation’s largest bridal retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. It owes between $500 million and $1 billion to creditors, according to court records. As part of the bankruptcy, David’s Bridal reached a deal with lenders to reduce the company’s debt by more than $400 million. The agreement will allow David’s Bridal to continue to operate its […]

  • Mother’s request to a stranger: If the fire traps us, take my baby and run

    Just hours after Rachelle Sanders gave birth to a healthy baby boy via C-section at a hospital in Paradise, California, she had to prepare for a harrowing choice. Amid the November 8 evacuation from the Camp Fire, she was placed in a wheelchair and rushed to a car driven by a hospital employee named David. They attempted to flee, but the flames were flanking and sometimes in the middle of the road, and her surgery left her unable to run […]

  • Elevator in Chicago skyscraper fell 84 floors before passengers saved

    CHICAGO — Six people were rescued after an elevator suddenly stopped for several hours in the building formerly known as the John Hancock Center. Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, the group was leaving the Signature Room restaurant on the 95th floor when two cables broke, causing the elevator to stall near the 11th floor of Chicago’s fourth-tallest building. Fire officials said the elevator was in a “blind shaft”, which means there were no door openings. The Chicago Tribune reported the elevator had fallen 84 floors […]

  • ‘Polygamous ninja’ now faces same rape charges as husband

    DRAPER, Utah – A woman dubbed a ‘polygamous ninja’ faces new charges of rape for alleged abuse that she committed with her husband more than four years ago, according to KSTU. Raven Blackwing was sent to prison in 2015 after breaking into a person’s home and trying to interfere with a rape trial. Authorities said Blackwing and 19-year-old Tylynn Southwick, both dressed in ninja-style clothing, broke into a Utah home on Sept. 19 while armed but were subdued by the occupants […]

  • Wombat poop: Scientists have finally discovered why it’s cubed

    A team of scientists claims to have unraveled one of the animal kingdom’s more peculiar mysteries: why wombat poop is cube-shaped. The wombat, native to Australia, produces about 80 to 100 cubes of poop each night. It is known to use the dung to mark its territory, depositing piles of the stuff outside burrows and on top of rocks and logs, according to Australian Geographic. But how the wombat produces the cubed shapes is a phenomenon that has puzzled many observers of […]

  • Trump ‘threatens the Constitution’ when he attacks the media, says architect of bin Laden raid

    Retired Adm. William McRaven on Sunday stood by his previous statement that President Donald Trump’s attacks on the news media represent “the greatest threat to democracy” after the President dismissed him as a “Hillary Clinton backer” in an interview that aired on Fox News. “I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else,” McRaven, who oversaw the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, told CNN. “I am a fan of President Obama and President George W. Bush, both of whom […]

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    School with high rate of vaccine exemptions faces state’s biggest chickenpox outbreak in over 20 years

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina school is facing the biggest chickenpox outbreak since the vaccine came out more than 20 years ago, according to the Asheville Citizen Times. With 36 infected students by Friday, the varicella virus, more commonly known as chickenpox, is quickly spreading through the Asheville Waldorf School. The school, which  teaches Kindergarten up through 6th grade, is also among North Carolina’s top 3 schools for the state’s highest rates of religious exemptions to vaccinations. Out of 152 […]

  • Ellis and Monica Glover in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. (The Glover family)

    Experimental treatment helps 2 out of 3 peanut allergy sufferers, study finds

    Sometimes, Ellis Glover would be forced to leave her friends and sit at a lunch table where no one was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “I wanted to sit with my good, good friends, but I couldn’t,” the 10-year-old said. “If you’re a kid and you have a food allergy, it’s harder on you. You’re missing out on a lot of stuff other children can have. I always want to try peanut stuff.” Mom Monica Glover said the family […]

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    One-third of U.S. parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids this season

    Thirty-four percent of US parents said their child was unlikely to get the flu vaccine this year, according to a report published Monday by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The online poll, which was administered in October, looked at 1,977 parents who had at least one child, whether parents would get their children the flu vaccine and their reasoning, among other things. Of parents polled, 48% said they usually followed the recommendations of their child’s health care provider when making choices […]

  • Samuel Little

    Serial killer could be connected to 90 slayings

    A 78-year-old man already serving three life sentences for murder may be one of the most prolific serial killers ever in the US. Samuel Little, convicted in 2014 of slaying three women in California in the late 1980s, has provided authorities from across the nation with information about more than 90 murders committed over some 30 years, NBC reports. A grand jury in Ector County, Texas, indicted Little, also known as Samuel McDowell, in the 1994 cold case murder of Denise Christie Brothers in […]

  • Mom screams with glee as police bust Florida drivers speeding by stopped school bus

    PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – A dozen Florida drivers were ticketed after blowing past a stopped school bus on US 19 in Pasco County, Florida. A group of concerned moms recorded the police sting to catch the drivers. “Go get them boys!” Monica Douglas screams to police in her now viral Facebook video. “Ha! Enjoy those tickets. Ha! Thank you!” More than 11 million people have seen the video. “Thank you all for the support and shares and comments,” she later […]

  • Writer William Goldman at at Madison Square Garden on December 23, 2003 in New York. (Photo by Ray Amati/Getty Images)

    ‘My name is Inigo Montoya’: Legendary screenwriter William Goldman dies at 87

    A “true legend” in filmmaking has died at 87. William Goldman, who won screenwriting Oscars for All The President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, died Thursday night at his Manhattan home due to complications from colon cancer and pneumonia, per the Washington Post. Referring to Goldman as “one of the greats, a true legend,” Deadline reports he’d been in ill health for some time, with his condition worsening over the summer. Starting his career as a novelist, Goldman wrote his first movie script […]

  • County commissioner tells black woman he belongs to ‘master race’

    LEAVENWORTH, Kan. – A Leavenworth County commissioner is being asked to resign after telling a black woman he belongs to a “master race.” Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp made the comment that many are calling racist on Tuesday in response to a presentation by Triveece Penelton on road development options. Klemp wasn’t happy with the options Penelton and a colleague presented at the meeting, according to WDAF. “I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you because we’re part of […]

  • Five years later, ‘Batkid’ is now cancer-free

    Five years ago, he saved the city – and it appears that somewhere along the line, more than just that was saved. Miles Scott, aka Batkid, made headlines in 2013 when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted the then-5-year-old’s wish to be the Caped Crusader for a day. As Batkid, Miles had a day of adventures in San Francisco, with thousands of residents coming together to help him live out his dream. Now, Make-A-Wish has published an update on the 10-year-old and says the 5th-grader is enjoying life […]

  • Hundreds of ‘flat Earth’ believers gather in Colorado for conference

    AURORA, Colo. – It looks flat, it feels flat, for all intents and purposes, the world is flat according to “flat Earth” believers. “Was there ever any debate when you were in first grade and you were learning about cosmology? Was there anyone who disputed it ever in your whole life? but now?”  Dorothy Novak, flat Earth believer, said to KDVR. Well, conventional wisdom and science say the world is indeed round, right? “Look with your own eyes. Go out to […]

  • Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer marrying his gay partner

    Jeff Rohrer, who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s, is set to marry his partner on Sunday, according to Outsports and the New York Times. He will become the first known NFL player — former or current — to enter a same-sex marriage. “If I had told the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s that I was gay, I would have been cut immediately,” Rohrer, now a commercial producer in Los Angeles, said in an interview with the Times. “It was a […]

  • Man drags his love from burning home: ‘I would have died getting her out’

    DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. – The love Anthony Moore has for Delores Palmer burns hotter than the fire that destroyed the couple’s Dinwiddie County home. The couple lost most of their possessions in the Thursday morning fire. But they still have each other. “I won’t coming out there without her,” Moore told WTVR. “I would have died getting her out.” An electric space heater sparked the fire that burned their Williamson Road home, the couple said. Moore said Palmer was in the […]

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    Sucking your baby’s pacifier might protect them from allergies, study says

    Your baby’s pacifier falls on the floor. Before giving it back to your child, do you wash it in a sink or, perhaps reluctantly, clean it with your own saliva? Don’t feel too guilty if you chose the latter, because a new study suggests that a mother’s spit — and the bacteria in it — may help prevent allergies in young children. The research found lower levels of a troublesome, allergy-causing protein in babies whose mothers reported sucking on their […]

  • Superman honors the passing of Marvel’s Stan Lee in Metropolis (Illinois)

    METROPOLIS, Ill. — He may be a DC Comics hero, but the Superman that stands in Metropolis, Illinois, is honoring a fallen Marvel titan. Super Museum in Metropolis shared photos Wednesday of a worker strapping a black arm band on the town’s Superman statue. “Our great city of Metropolis has put an black arm band on the Superman statue to honor the passing of the comic book icon Stan Lee,” Super Museum wrote. The act shows that even though DC […]

  • Man shouts ‘Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!’ during performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

    A man caused a commotion in a Baltimore theater after yelling “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” during a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof.” The outburst comes at a time of a dramatic spike in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and follows last month’s Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in which a gunman killed 11 worshippers. “Fiddler on the Roof” is an award-winning musical based on the “Tevye” stories by Sholem Aleichem, about a Jewish family facing persecution in Tsarist Russia. The incident happened Wednesday […]

  • Krispy Kreme brings back pumpkin spice doughnut until Thanksgiving

    If you love pumpkin spice, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has a treat for you just in time for Thanksgiving. Krispy Kreme’s Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut is back! The “spiced up” version of the Original Glazed Doughnut is only available from Friday, November 16 through Thanksgiving Day, November 22. The doughnut will be available at certain locations in 33 states – a complete list is available here. View this post on Instagram This fan favorite is returning for a limited time. Pumpkin […]

  • Barbara Lee Ray

    73-year-old woman was worried about the meth she was smoking, so she took it to her doctor

    POLK COUNTY, Fla. – An elderly woman is accused of taking her methamphetamine to the doctor for testing after she became concerned about the drug’s effect on her. Barbara Lee Ray, 73, of Polk County, Fla., asked her doctor to test the meth because she was worried it was doing harm, the Miami Herald reported. Ray had been using the drug for about a month, but it remains uncertain where she got it or why she was smoking it, according […]

  • Father battling terminal cancer searching for kids’ stolen holiday ornaments

    EAST LEROY, Mich. — To Matt O’Dell, family is “everything”. He loves spending time with his two kids and his wife Jamie, with whom he celebrated 10 years of marriage with back in September. Every year, around this time, they get into the holiday spirit by decorating their Christmas tree with ornaments they have collected throughout the years. However when Matt went to retrieve them from their storage garage in Albion on Monday, they weren’t there. “[He] said ‘everything was […]

  • Even after separation, formerly conjoined twins want to be close

    Despite their new-found independence, the Bhutanese conjoined twins who were separated by doctors in Australia last week still want to be close to each other, nurses have told reporters. 15-month-old sisters Dawa and Nima Pelden flew nearly 6,000 miles for the life-changing operation. They were born joined at the stomach. Nurse coordinator Kellie Smith, who works on the twins’ ward at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, told reporters Thursday that the pair are never far from one another. “We try and have them a […]

  • Selfless kidney donor sparks chain of surgeries, saving 3 lives in Kansas and Missouri

    KANSAS CITY — Two weeks ago, 25-year-old Ky Kanaman’s decision to donate one of his kidneys sparked a chain reaction of donations that saved not one, but three lives. “In reality, I was a healthy dude from Texas with two, and I only needed one,” Kanaman told WDAF. “At the moment of figuring out the situation, it was something that I was supposed to do. It was the right thing to do. It was something I felt like I needed […]

  • Woman arrested after allegedly ‘debarking’ dogs in Pennsylvania

    QUARRYVILLE, Pa. — An Iowa woman has been arrested after she allegedly traveled to Pennsylvania to perform an illegal “debarking” procedure on four dogs earlier this year. 55-year-old Denise Felling is accused of debarking a husky, a Doberman, a beagle mix and a Spaniel mix by shoving a rod-like object into the animals’ vocal chambers, according to WPMT. Felling faces eight charges of animal cruelty. The Pennsylvania SPCA’s humane law enforcement team became aware of Felling after rescuing 15 dogs from an unlicensed […]

  • ‘Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway’ Hasbro releases Monopoly for Millennials

    PAWTUCKET, R.I. – Hasbro is targeting a specific group this holiday season with its new version of Monopoly: Millennials. ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ reportedly centers around the “often-mocked” generation of people born between 1981 and 1996, according to USA TODAY. The cover of the box features the tagline “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.” and Rich Uncle Pennybags enjoying a cup of coffee, wearing a participation medal and sporting his earbuds. Instead of collecting money as players make their way […]

  • Grandmother donates organ as ‘kidney gift certificate’ to save young granddaughter years from now

    When Meghann Adams learned that she was pregnant in early 2015, she was ecstatic. Starting a family with her husband, Chris, had not been easy, but she was carrying twins. They were to be named Delly and Aubrey. The entire family delighted in preparing for their arrival. Adams’ mom, Jamie McNeil, made plans to retire and moved across the country to help care for them. “It was the best feeling ever,” Adams, 35, told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay […]

  • California couple ‘adopted’ 93-year-old veteran after his town burned in wildfire

    CALIFORNIA – Tracy Grant was in a parking lot handing out hamburgers to evacuees from the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California when she encountered Lee Brundige. The 93-year-old World War II veteran had just fled his house in Paradise by driving his own car as the wildfire was approaching. “He called me the burger girl,” Grant says. “It took us about 24 hours to convince him to follow me home.” This was last Thursday in Oroville, about 11 miles south of […]

  • Urn containing grandmother’s ashes survives catastrophic wildfire

    PARADISE, Calif. – Running from a tower of flames was a terrifying escape for Amber Paton and her family. Like thousands of others, they ran. “Family upon family just running down the street. Running,” Paton told KTXL. “Flames on both sides. It was crazy.” Paton and her family left everything behind. “At first, that part was hard to swallow but now the stuff doesn’t even matter. The lives lost is unbearable,” Paton said. “It’s hard to wrap your head around […]