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  • ‘Sometimes, it’s ok to throw rocks at girls’: Jewelry store criticized for controversial billboard

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Owners of a North Carolina jewelry store are apologizing for a controversial billboard that some people believe encourages domestic violence, WLOS reports. The billboard reads, “Sometimes, it’s ok to throw rocks at girls…” .@SpicerGreene is this supposed to be humorous because you think violence against women is funny? do better. be better. #notbuyingit — kim kelley (@mskimkelley) March 23, 2017 The owners of Spicer Green Jewelers in Asheville took to Facebook Thursday afternoon to issue an […]

  • Video shows mother pulling gun on would-be robber to protect kids

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — A mother protecting her 10-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son from a would-be robber thwarted his plans earlier this month when she pulled a shotgun on him. Surveillance video shows the alleged thief attempting to enter the Florida home on March 4. “All of the sudden I hear some banging noise. I thought it was my dreams or something,” she told WPLG. That’s when the woman’s motherly instincts kicked in and she grabbed the shotgun from her bedroom. […]

  • 86-year-old raises $400,000 from recycling, then gives it away to those less fortunate

    Thirty-two years’ worth of recycled newspapers and magazines — more than nine million pounds of it — netted 86-year-old Johnny Jennings $400,000, all of which he gave away to those in need. Recycling started off as a lesson to his son, Brent Jennings, about healthy money habits. Back in 1985, the Georgia native began collecting and selling paper with his only child, then put their profits into a savings account. “The first memory I have of my Dad is of […]

  • Is there something wrong with this White House photo of health care talks?

    Democrats, women’s groups and liberals seized on a photo Thursday shared by Vice President Mike Pence of a meeting he attended with President Donald Trump and members of the House Freedom Caucus. Their gripe? The photo featured no women, even though lawmakers were discussing Republicans’ health reform proposal — and members of the House Freedom Caucus want to strip a requirement that health insurance plans cover essential benefits, including coverage for maternity services. “Appreciated joining @POTUS for meeting with the […]

  • Mom who beat cancer while pregnant dies after giving birth to twins

    FRESNO, Calif. — A mom who overcame the odds of beating cancer while pregnant died just a day after giving birth to twins. Jamie Snider, 30, was diagnosed with cervical cancer before learning she was pregnant with twins. Snider lost an ovary but overcame the cancer. It was during her pregnancy doctors told her the cancer returned,  KGO-TV reports. Just last week, Snider posted a smiling photo from the hospital before giving birth to her twins Camila and Nico. “‘God has […]

  • Firefighters resuscitate small dog that was unconscious for 20 minutes after blaze

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Photos and video captured Santa Monica firefighters successfully resuscitating a small dog that was trapped in a burning apartment this week. The pooch survived after firefighters performed CPR and provided oxygen through a mask designed for pets, according to a Facebook post from the Santa Monica Fire Department. The fire was reported about 4 p.m. Tuesday at a one-story apartment building near Santa Monica High School. One unit of the building had a rapidly growing fire […]

  • New scam tricks victims out of thousands of dollars using old con

    It’s a new twist on an old scam designed to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting consumers nationwide. It used to be called the Secret Shopper scam. The new version goes by the name Secret Surveyor, but the con is the same. “This is very alarming”, says Kim Cordero who contacted PIX11 after her parents, Irma and Rick Cordero of the Bronx, recently received a postal-service priority envelope. The return address says Smart Shopper in Santa Clarita, California. The mailing […]

  • Firefighter from iconic Oklahoma City bombing photo retires; ‘It’s still tough to talk about’

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Memories come in all shapes and sizes. Chris Fields has a trunkfull, packed away from a 31-year career as an Oklahoma City firefighter. From fighting infernos to rescuing pets, Fields has done it all. “You roll up and prepare yourself for what you’re going to see,” Fields says. But nothing could have prepared Chris for April 19, 1995. “I was at Fire Station Number 5 at N.W. 22nd and Broadway. I felt it. We were standing in […]

  • WWII veteran wins lottery on his 94th birthday

    Ervin Smolinski has a birthday tradition — he gets lottery tickets as presents. It started when he began buying his family tickets as birthday presents, and they started returning the favor. For his 94th birthday, the World War II vet’s goodwill effort turned into $300,000 of cold, hard cash. “Every month, I buy some instant tickets and send them as gifts to family members who have birthdays that month,” Smolinski said in a statement. “It’s turned in to a bit […]

  • Utah man killed, wife injured in London terrorist attack

    LONDON – A Utah man was killed and his wife injured in the London terrorist attack on Wednesday. Kurt and Melissa Cochran were caught in the attack on the Westminster Bridge. Relatives tell Fox 13 News Kurt died Thursday morning from his injuries. They say Melissa remains hospitalized with several broken bones. Relatives say the couple was in the UK visiting Melissa’s parents who are serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in London. Kurt […]

  • Woman chronicles her battle with stomach cancer up until her last day

    HOUSTON – Friends and family are mourning the passing of a Texas woman who lost her battle with gastric cancer. After Kristal Nelson’s cancer diagnosis the 35-year-old mother of four developed an online following by sharing her daily battle. “You didn’t have to meet her, all someone had to do was mention her name and you felt like you knew her,” Kristal’s mom Vicki Stone said. Nelson’s sister Kewana Walker said that she had signs of an ulcer three years […]

  • Girl calls 911 from back of SUV as parents overdose

    CINCINNATI, Ohio — A terrified Ohio girl had to call 911 from the backseat of an SUV after her parents overdosed on heroin. The call was made to a 911 dispatcher in Cincinnati last Saturday, WLWT-TV reported. “I’m scared,” the girl told the dispatcher. “I know you’re scared, but you’ll be o.k. It will be alright,” the dispatcher responded. The girl was unable to tell the dispatcher where she was – so they kept her on the phone until they […]

  • ‘If I’m not back by 6:00, come looking for me.’ Missing teen’s family shares her parting words

    MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. — It has now been 9 days since 15-year-old Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas disappeared. For Elizabeth’s family, her absence is excruciating. The last time anyone in her family saw Elizabeth Thomas, it was early Monday morning. She left with a somber warning. “She woke up her older sister and said ‘Hey I’m leaving, but if I’m not back by 6:00 come looking for me,'” Thomas’s sister-in-law Danielle Thomas told WHNT News 19. She said they didn’t even know anything […]

  • ‘Vicious gang of kids’ beat man with autism

    Viewer Discretion is advised: The graphic video may be difficult to watch RICHMOND, Va. – A young man with autism and his friend were viciously attacked and beaten as they walked home from a grocery store in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday. The whole attack was captured on camera. The victim said he hoped people who saw the video would recognize what he called “a vicious gang of kids.” “A bunch of kids just jumped him,” the victim’s father said. CBS […]

  • Firefighters make a dream come true for Walmart greeter

    EUREKA, Mo. – Christopher Echele has had a lifelong dream of being a firefighter.  The Eureka Fire Protection District in Missouri helped turn that dream into a reality Tuesday night. Echele uses a wheelchair and has been a greeter at Walmart for 25 years. Firefighters say he’s expressed a great deal of interest in firefighting.  That prompted several of the firefighters to coordinate a surprise with the store’s managers.  They arrived at the Eureka Walmart and made Echele an honorary […]

  • Smiling mugshot of teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with student goes viral

    LOCKHART, TX – A mugshot showing a smiling teacher charged with having an improper relationship with a 17-year-old student is going viral. The school district suspended 26-year-old married anatomy teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes, who had been with Lockhart High School since 2014. A tip from a school administrator led authorities to the 17-year-old boy who had allegedly been in contact with Fowlkes through messaging and in person. Lockhart schools superintendent Susan Bohn emailed parents on Monday, notifying them of Fowlkes’ […]

  • Everything coming and going on Netflix in April

    Everything from Schindler’s List to A Nightmare on Elm Street to Gremlins arrives on Netflix in April. It’s also the last month you can catch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Princess Bride. ARRIVING April 1 A Weekend with the Family (2016) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Across the Universe (2007) An American Tail (1986) An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster (1999) Boy Bye (2016) Born To Be Free (2016) […]

  • Mother shares heartbreaking photo of 4-year-old daughter’s last car ride home

    SPANAWAY, Wash. — A mother posted a heartbreaking photo on Facebook of her 4-year-old daughter on one last car ride home after picking her ashes up from a funeral parlor last week. Sarah Walton’s daughter, Ellie, died in January from a rare brain tumor, ABC News reports. On her way home, she snapped a photo of the urn and posted it on the Prayers for Ellie Walton Facebook page. “Driving you home the other day, I was scared, but buckling […]

  • Oklahoma pastor’s daughter arrested for allegedly molesting 10-year-old boy

    PAULS VALLEY, Okla. – The daughter of an Oklahoma pastor is accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy last year. Authorities told KXII that 30-year-old Stormy Ledbetter allegedly molested the boy in her parents’ home, where she lives.  Ledbetter’s father is the current pastor at Pauls Valley Church of the Nazarene. Police in Pauls Valley say they received a report of the alleged abuse in October. “We began our investigation, it’s been long and slow. Of course, we had to have […]

  • Small fire department welcomes six babies in seven months

    MEDIAPOLIS, Iowa – A group of Iowa firefighters is making news far from the scene of any fire. Six babies were born to the same firefighting family within seven months, three girls and three boys. “We definitely got really good at throwing baby showers,” firefighter Adam Welp told WQAD. “Everyone kept announcing and it was like a new announcement every month,” said Katie Welp. “We didn’t actually plan it, it might seem like we did,” said Whitney Eberhardt. “It’s been […]

  • Missing teen found safe after family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live

    CHICAGO – A Chicago police chief spokesman has confirmed a missing 15-year-old girl has been found safe after her family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live. Anthony Guglielmi tweeted the update, saying the teen was found by the 10th district officers and is now with her mother — and detectives are conducting interviews. Family members and friends who reported she was missing say they saw the 15-year-old on a video being sexually assaulted by several boys. “I just […]

  • Missing Chicago teen found safe after family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live

    CHICAGO – A Chicago police chief spokesman has confirmed a missing 15-year-old girl has been found safe after her family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live. Anthony Guglielmi tweeted the update, saying the teen was found by the 10th district officers and is now with her mother — and detectives are conducting interviews. Family members and friends who reported she was missing say they saw the 15-year-old on a video being sexually assaulted by several boys. “I just […]

  • 19-year-old wins $500,000 on scratch-off ticket, gives it to his parents

    LANSING, Mich. —  A 19-year-old Michigan teen who won $500,000 on a lottery scratch-off is planning to invest a small amount and give the rest to his parents. The teenager, who asked to remain anonymous, is going to invest around $5,000 for himself, according to the Michigan Lottery. For most teenagers, $500,000 is a life-changing amount of money. This will be a life-changing amount – but for his parents. “I’m going to keep about $5,000 for myself to invest and I’m […]

  • Teen asks friend’s sister with Down syndrome to prom in ‘cheesiest’ way possible

    NEWTON, Kan. — A high school senior in Kansas had the “cheesiest” prom proposal. Shaedon Wedel, 18, said he has been planning to take his best friend’s sister, Carlie Wittman, to the prom since the beginning of the school year, according to CBS News. Wedel’s main goal is to make prom as special as possible for the 15-year-old, who has Down syndrome. On March 17, Wedel did just that when he walked up to Wittman’s porch in a personalized shirt with a […]

  • That big chicken video isn’t a fake, but it is terrifying

    Am I the only person wondering why this chicken is so damn big 🤔🤔🤔 — LifesBook_Ceo (@LifesBook_Ceo) March 19, 2017 If you haven’t seen “The big chicken video,” find a comfortable place to sit, because nothing can prepare you for the moment this behemoth rolls out of his coop looking like the final boss in a video game. That is a huge chicken! Planet Earth needs a whole episode dedicated to this dude. His big chicken-ness did not go […]

  • Boy sprayed, dog killed by cyanide planted by U.S. Department of Agriculture

    POCATELLO Idaho – The family of a teenage boy sprayed by a cyanide explosive that killed their dog is outraged they weren’t told the device was planted near their home, the East Idaho News reports. Canyon Mansfield, 14, went on a walk Thursday afternoon with his family’s 3-year-old yellow Labrador, Casey, on a hill behind their Pocatello home on Buck Skin Road. “I see this little pipe that looked like a sprinkler sticking out of the ground,” Canyon told “I go […]

  • Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys recovered

    Tom Brady’s missing jerseys from Super Bowl LI and XLIX have been found, the NFL said Monday. “The items were found in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media,” an NFL statement said. In the locker room following the New England Patriots’ win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Brady noticed his No. 12 jersey was missing after he said he had put it in his bag. The estimated value of the jersey is $500,000, […]

  • DNA tests prove suspected wolf hybrid is just a family dog

    AURORA, Colo. — The family fighting to get their pet back from a Colorado Animal Control says DNA tests prove their dog is not a wolf hybrid. “We got some good news last night,” Tracy Abbato said Sunday. “Capone is not wolf at all. He doesn’t have an ounce of wolf in him.” FOX31 first reported the case, which has made headlines around the world. The Abbato family adopted Capone from the Adams County Animal Shelter 10 years ago. Shelter officials had […]

  • Sesame Street debuts new character with autism

    The newest resident of “Sesame Street” has orange hair and a fondness for her toy rabbit. She also has autism. Julia has been a part of the “Sesame Street” family via its storybooks and was so popular that the decision was made to add the character to the TV series. On Sunday viewers got to meet her during a “60 Minutes” segment. “I think the big discussion right at the start was, ‘How do we do this? How do we […]

  • What’s in a thin mint? Well, that depends

    When is a Samoa not a Samoa? It turns out that not all Girl Scout cookies are created equal. That’s because there are two officially licensed bakeries in the U.S., and each has its own slightly different take on the iconic favorites. For one thing, the cookie names are different. Troops that use Little Brownie Bakers, based in Louisville, Kentucky, sell cookies called Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils and Savannah Smiles. But troops that use Richmond, Virginia based ABC Bakers sell […]