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  • Hunter dies when shot elephant falls on him

    Harare, Zimbabwe — A South African big game hunter died on Friday in Zimbabwe after a fellow hunter fired his gun at an elephant causing it to collapse on him, according to multiple media reports. According to News 24, Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a group of hunters when four elephants charged the group inside the Good Luck Farm preserve in Zimbabwe. A female elephant lifted Botha with her trunk and another hunter shot her. The elephant collapsed and fell on Botha, killing […]

  • Walt Disney’s hand-drawn map of Disneyland could sell for $1 million

    LOS ANGELES — A rediscovered hand-drawn map of Disneyland, co-created by Walt Disney himself when the park was still in its earliest days of inception, is up for auction and is estimated to sell for up to $1 million, according to KSWB. The map was pivotal in obtaining the finances Walt and his brother Roy needed to make their dream a reality. In late 1953, Walt’s brother Roy Disney scheduled meetings in New York with leading banks and the three […]

  • Police departments offer to check meth for ‘deadly gluten’

    Multiple police departments across the country are offering to check meth for “deadly gluten.” Last week, police in Newark, California, posted on Facebook: “Is your meth laced with deadly gluten? Not sure? Bring your meth down to the PD and we will test it for you for free!” The Facebook post has been shared over 180,000 times. Several other police departments, including Tecumseh Police Department in Oklahoma, posted a similar “offer” on Facebook on Monday: “Public Services Announcement – The Tecumseh Police […]

  • Beach reappears 33 years after being washed away

    Dooagh, Ireland — A beach that was washed away by storms more than 30 years ago has reappeared off the west coast of Ireland. The sands at Dooagh on County Mayo’s Achill Island vanished in the winter of 1984, leaving nothing but bare rock and rock pools. But over the course of a few days in April 2017 the Atlantic returned what it had stolen, depositing thousands of tons of sand and creating a brand new 300-meter golden strand. The […]

  • Oreo’s newest flavor ‘Firework’ tastes a lot like ‘Pop Rocks’

    Oreo has a new limited-edition flavor — and fans are ready to explode. The flavor is called “Firework,” and includes creme filled with “popping candy” — which means unofficial Pop Rocks. The cookies, which were first announced back in February, are available in select stores starting today. Oreo also announced a social media contest as they search for their next flavor idea. Today through July 14, you can submit flavor ideas on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and […]

  • Father who confessed to killing son, feeding body to pigs, expected to get life in prison

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kansas, father who confessed to killing his 7-year-old son and is accused of feeding the boy’s body to pigs is expected to be sentenced to life in prison on Monday, according to reports. Authorities say the victim, Adrian Jones, was “essentially starved to death” before his remains were found in a pig sty back in 2015, the Associated Press reported. Prior to his death, the little boy spent the last months of his life […]

  • Gander Mountain and the confusing ‘Going Out of Business’ sale — many stores will remain open

    There is a lot of confusion online about Gander Mountain and its “Going Out of Business” sale, which has many people wondering if their local store will be closing its doors on May 18. Here’s what we know. Gander Mountain, a retail network of stores that sells outdoor and hunting equipment based in Minnesota, announced in May it would be closing all of its locations. If you go to the store’s official website (as of May. 8), you will see a […]

  • Spider blamed for causing rollover crash

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — A Michigan man says a spider is responsible for a rollover crash in northern Michigan on Sunday, according to WXMI. The 26-year-old man told deputies he was driving north on South Good Harbor Trail when he was distracted by a spider on the visor above his head and drove his 2005 GMC Envoy off the road. The vehicle crashed into a ditch before coming to rest against several trees, according to deputies. A 29-year-old psasenger in the car suffered […]

  • Possible ‘golf ball materials’ in frozen hash browns prompts recall

    LISLE, Ill. — An Illinois food company is recalling frozen hash browns that may have pieces of golf balls in them, according to the FDA. McCain Foods USA announced on Friday it is voluntarily recalling Harris Teeter Brand, 2 lb. Bag of Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns (UPC 007203649020) and Roundy’s Brand, 2 lb. Bag of Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns (UPC 001115055019) due to contamination issues. The company said the frozen hash brown products “may be contaminated with extraneous […]

  • Nintendo possibly planning a mini SNES for the holidays

    It’s April and Nintendo might be working on the hottest toy of the 2017 holiday season. According to Eurogamer, sources have confirmed Nintendo is currently working on a mini version of the Super Nintendo. The gaming system is expected to launch around the holidays. Nintendo announced last week the NES Classic Edition will be discontinued despite its popularity. The company told IGN they never planned for the NES Classic to be “an ongoing, long-term product.” According to the Eurogamer report, the development of the mini […]

  • Burglar breaks into preschool, eats a snack, takes a nap

    NEW ORLEANS — A New Orleans man broke into a preschool overnight, grabbed a snack, and took a nap before fleeing, according to police. Surveillance video released by police shows the man climbing through an unlocked window at Clara’s Little Lambs Preschool around 11 p.m. on Monday night. The man is shown climbing over an empty baby crib and struggling to get over a stack of chairs as he enters the room, according to WGNO. The man is shown on video wandering around […]

  • Facebook murder suspect recognized at McDonald’s after ordering McNuggets; employee alerted police

    ERIE, Pa. — The man wanted in connection with a fatal shooting after video of the incident was posted on Facebook is dead following a brief pursuit in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. According to Pennsylvania State Police, officers received a tip around 11 a.m. when Steve Stephens’ vehicle was spotted at a McDonald’s in Erie. According to employees at the restaurant, Stephens ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and a large order of fries in the drive-thru. He was given his order of McNuggets, but employees tried to […]

  • Facebook murder suspect found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Pennsylvania

    ERIE, Pa. — Facebook murder suspect Steve Stephens was found dead inside a vehicle in Pennsylvania following a brief pursuit on Tuesday, according to police. “Steve Stephens was spotted this morning by PSP members in Erie County. After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself.” — Pennsylvania State Police Stephens was found dead inside a white Ford Fusion, according to the Erie Times-News. According to WJW, police in Cleveland will hold a press conference at 12 p.m. ET regarding the case. […]

  • Disney reveals new details about Star Wars Land — and it sounds incredible

    ORLANDO — Is it 2019 yet? During a Star Wars event in Orlando on Saturday, Disney revealed new details about the Star Wars lands coming to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. During a panel at the Star Wars Celebration event, Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm representatives said guests will be able to control their theme park experience by choosing to work for the Resistance or the First Order. Visitors will also get the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon. Disney […]

  • 8-year-old drives his sister to McDonald’s to get a cheeseburger

    EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — It wasn’t a Big Mac attack, but a craving for the “Golden Arches” that ended with a little boy taking his sister for a ride in his dad’s van to get a cheeseburger on Sunday , according to WJW. Police said the child’s father worked all day and went to bed early. The mother was on the couch with the children when she fell asleep, according to police. That’s when the 8-year-old boy took his father’s […]

  • Man forcibly dragged off plane after refusing to give up seat to United employee

    CHICAGO — A man claiming to be a doctor was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday night after he refused to give up his seat on an overbooked flight, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. The video shows the man screaming as he is dragged off the plane by uniformed personnel. United officials told passengers the plane would not take off until four of its employees, who needed to be in Louisville on Monday morning to […]

  • New USPS service shows photos of your mail before you get home

    WASHINGTON — A new service from the U.S. Postal Service will show you photos of mail being delivered at your home — and yes, that probably includes photos of coupons you will never use. Informed Delivery is an optional notification service that sends an email to users containing images of the outside of letter–sized mailpieces. The images show the exterior, address side of the mailpieces. Notifications are only sent on days when mail is being delivered at the home. According to the […]

  • Girl badly burned by homemade slime (graphic photos)

    ROCKLAND, Mass. — A mother in Massachusetts is warning other parents after her young daughter was badly burned while making a popular DIY project for kids, according to WCVB. Siobhan Quinn was excited when her daughter Kathleen became interested in making and playing with homemade “slime.” “I thought it was great. I encouraged it and bought all the stuff. And then when it was gone, I bought more. She was being a little scientist,” Quinn told WCVB. But last weekend while […]

  • Full list of 138 JCPenney stores to close this year

    NEW YORK — JCPenney has revealed the 138 stores expected to close later this year. The full list includes store locations expected to close in June, according to the company. The company said the changes will affect about 5,000 workers nationwide. The liquidation process is scheduled to start on April 17. JCPenney issued a statement: “As part of a continuing effort to advance sustainable growth and long-term profitability, J. C. Penney Company, Inc. will be closing 138 stores, one supply chain facility […]

  • Teen finds massive 7.44-carat diamond in Arkansas park

    CENTERTON, Ark. — A 14-year-old Arkansas teen walked out of an Arkansas state park with a flashy find — his very own 7.44-carat diamond. The massive diamond was found on Saturday in the southern part of the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds park, according to KFSM. Kalel Langford spotted the brown gem in a stream, according to park officials. “We had only been at the park for about 30 minutes when he found it,” said Kalel’s father, Craig Langford. “Its color was […]

  • Watch young children crash dad’s important BBC interview

    Children are all fun and games until they waltz right in — literally — to your interview on international television. Professor Robert Kelly is an expert on South Korea and appeared on the BBC on Friday to discuss the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. His children also appeared, though they declined to weigh in on the diplomatic implications of Park’s ousting. Instead, a little girl dances right into the room, and you can see poor Professor Kelly’s life […]

  • Pineapple on pizza: Great or gross?

    There’s a topic that’s dividing America. Actually, it’s a topping. Or not a topping, depending on which side you’re on. The debate over whether it’s acceptable to put pineapple on pizza flared up this week, after one controversial tweet from a woman who claimed a restaurant worker refused to fill her order. Ali showed a photo of a pizza with $5 taped to the inside of the box, next to a note that read, “Couldn’t bring myself to put pineapple […]

  • Subway says new study proves its chicken is chicken

    Subway has released results from two independent laboratories that proves the restaurant’s chicken is chicken, disproving a study from CBC Marketplace that suggested the restaurant’s chicken contains less than 50 percent chicken DNA. “Test results from laboratories in Canada and the U.S. clearly show that the Canadian chicken products tested had only trace amounts of soy, contradicting the accusations made during the broadcast of CBC Marketplace,” Subway representatives said in a press release. Subway sent chicken samples to Maxxam Analytics in Canada and […]

  • Elderly woman found molded to chair; rescuers forced to wear hazmat suits

    TOLEDO, Ohio — Residents in a Springfield Township neighborhood had no idea one of their neighbors was living in squalor until emergency vehicles lit up their typically quiet street, the Toledo Blade reported. The smell of human excrement reached the sidewalk as emergency responders worked to remove a 550-pound elderly woman from her living room chair Thursday evening. Barbara Foster, 75, had been sitting in the same place since July 2016 — long enough for her body to weaken and […]

  • Man found dead with zip-ties around neck inside jewelry store

    NEW YORK — A man was found dead with zip-ties around his neck inside his jewelry store, NYPD sources told WPIX. The grisly discovery was made around 6 p.m. Wednesday at the family-owned World of Gold N Diamond, according to police. Police went to the cash-for-gold shop after the victim’s brother had not seen him for two days and reported him as missing, according to cops. The brother used a key to let police into the store, which was locked. Customers told WPIX the door […]

  • Hero catches teen who fell 20 feet from mall escalator

    ST. LOUIS — An alert shopper is being called a hero after he caught a teen who fell from an escalator in Missouri earlier this month, according to KTVI. Surveillance video shows two teenagers playing near an escalator inside the South County Center on Feb. 4. The teens are shown grabbing the moving handrail and holding on until it lifts them off the ground. One of the teens held on for too long and was dangling 20 feet above the ground […]

  • Judge orders mom to avoid getting pregnant

    NEW YORK — A mother struggling with drug addiction has been placed under a court order to avoid getting pregnant. The mother, a Rochester, New York, prostitute referred to as Brandy F. in court documents, had already been stripped of custody of her four children. She lost custody based on findings of child neglect. Judge Patricia Gallaher, a Monroe County family court judge, handed down the order requiring that she regain custody of her infant son before conceiving any other […]

  • Facebook videos will soon autoplay with sound on; here’s how to disable

    Facebook made several video announcements on Tuesday, including a change to how videos will autoplay in the News Feed. Previously, videos in the News Feed have played without sound and required the user to tap the video to enable sound. Soon, all videos will play with sound enabled unless your phone is set to silent. “With this update, sound fades in and out as you scroll through videos in News Feed,” Facebook said in a news release. The company said they are […]

  • Burger King selling ‘Adults Meal’ for Valentine’s Day

    Who says Burger King isn’t an innovator? Burger King in Israel is offering an “Adults Meal” Tuesday to celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to Mashable. The deal, which will be available from 6 p.m. to closing, includes two Whoppers, two packs of French fries, two beers and a romantic “adult toy.” The toys include a blindfold, a feather duster, or a scalp massager, according to AdWeek. “Kid’s Meal? That’s for kids,” the company a YouTube video says. “Burger King presents the Adults Meal with an adult […]

  • Verizon brings back unlimited data

    Verizon is bringing back an unlimited data plan. Starting Monday, Verizon customers can get unlimited data, talk and text for $80. There is also an option of $45 per line for four lines, according to a company news release. The company says the new plan will give users unlimited data use on smartphones and tablets, in addition to video streaming, 10 GB of hotspot usage, and calls to both Mexico and Canada with Verizon Unlimited. Although the new Verizon plan promises […]