Baby raccoon rolls towards recovery with new wheelchair

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ARKANSAS — One Arkansas raccoon is receiving the gift of a lifetime – a new set of wheels.

Vittles came to Walkin’ Pets at just 8-weeks-old with a traumatic brain injury that left her unable to survive in the wild.

Although the source of the injury is unknown, it left Vittles with mobility problems. She wasn’t able to balance or support herself on all fours.

Wildlife rehab specialist Susan Curtis specializes in the rehabilitation of both bats and raccoons for the state of Arkansas. She partnered with Walkin’ Pets to get Vittles her own full support mini wheelchair.

Vittles might not ever fully recover, but with early intervention and the help of her wheelchair, there is some hope. According to the Walkin’ Pets website, the wheelchair helps develop muscles needed to stabilize Vittles’ body and helps her build her core support.

Curtis has now taken Vittles and her “brother” Beetlejuice, a 10-year-old raccoon with cerebral palsy, into her home and under her care.

The end goal is for Vittles to join Curtis’ long term non-release program and join the state’s educational program.

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