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  • Couple’s MAGA-themed wedding pays tribute to President Trump

    KENT COUNTY, Mich. — Subtlety was never the intent of the wedding decor for Audra and Jeff Johnson’s nuptials. The couple married on July 4th in Kalamazoo, surrounded by friends and family donned in “Make America Great Again” hats. “It looked like America threw up all over my wedding and I’m not sorry,” bride Audra Johnson told WXMI. Johnson says in addition to celebrating their love, she and her husband decided to use their wedding day as an opportunity to […]

  • California families say neighbor has been stalking and breaking into their homes for years

    PATTERSON, Calif. – Several families in Patterson say a man has been terrorizing them, stalking them and breaking into their homes while they’re sleeping. The man, identified as Flavio Alvarez, is behind bars at the Stanislaus County Jail. “I heard this massive, horrible screaming,” Carolyn, who only provided her first name, told KTXL. Carolyn says her once secure home was invaded by Alvarez, her neighbor. “I screamed downstairs, ‘What’s happening, what’s happening?’ and (my daughter) screamed, ‘Call the police, call […]

  • Authorities search for alligator in Humboldt Park Lagoon in Chicago

    CHICAGO — Officials are trying to catch an alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon after witnesses reported seeing the four-foot reptile in the water, according to WGN. Police, state conservation officers and city animal control officials were all called to try to find the elusive reptile Tuesday. At least two people say they saw an alligator swimming in the lagoon’s murky water Tuesday morning. Later in the day, police tweeted they confirmed the alligator was in the lagoon. Police said […]

  • ‘He had an angel with him’: Bullet stops in teen’s ear during drive-by shooting

    GREENSBORO, N.C – A Greensboro family has refused to sleep in their beds for more than a week after bullets ripped through their home in a drive-by shooting. On Saturday, Greensboro police reported that someone opened fire along Ashe Street. Bullets directly hit two houses and the back seat of a car. A third house was hit by a ricochet. Inside one of the homes, a family of five ducked for cover. “When I first started hearing it, it was […]

  • Suspect in brutal beating caught on camera hitting himself in the face while in police custody

    SHAWNEE, Okla. – An Oklahoma man accused in a violent attack is in more trouble after video shows him taking swings at himself, according to KFOR. 29-year-old Brandon Killian is facing up to 18 years in prison for charges from a brutal attack that was caught on video in late June. One of the charges is preparing false evidence; the district attorney said that’s not for his role during the beating – but for hitting himself in the face while in […]

  • Doorbell security alert helps couple escape house fire

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A dramatic doorbell video shows a circle of fire on the front porch of an Indiana home, and the couple credits their escape to the safety alerts on their phone. Last month, Michael and Jennifer Schumpf woke up to the sound of the Ring doorbell notification. Within seconds, they knew they had to get out. “I looked down the hall, out the front door that used to be glass and all you could see was fire everywhere,” […]

  • Murder victim’s family ‘tickled to death’ wrongfully convicted man is out of jail

    PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – This is the first weekend Frank Gable will be free in almost 30 years. He was convicted in Oregon of killing Kansas City native Mike Francke. Gable was exonerated after extensive work by public defenders and the Francke family, according to WDAF. Frank Gable stood beside his wife Friday morning. “We don’t really want to talk about the case or nothing, just glad to be out. I’m thankful to the judge for exonerating me.” That’s likely the […]

  • Arkansas family opens fireworks stand to pay for daughter’s wedding

    SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Fireworks are a 4th of July favorite, and while many people run fireworks stands for extra income, an Arkansas family has set one up to pay for their daughter’s wedding. “Weddings are not cheap,” Heath Bryant told KFSM. This is Bryant ‘s first time to sell fireworks but come August, he’ll be the father of the bride. “We love fireworks, and this will help us pay for a wedding,” Bryant said. Bryant’s daughter Sarah Ashley was a […]

  • Couple goes to great lengths to find lost wedding ring in Pennsylvania lake

    HAWLEY, Pa. – A Pennsylvania couple is happy to have a priceless piece of jewelry back in their hands after if fell in a Pennsylvania lake, according to WNEP. For the last 64 years and 56 days the wedding band has called Grace Paulnack’s ring finger home. “Even when I got operated on, they had to tape it. I wouldn’t take it off,” Grace Paulnack told WNEP. But on Tuesday while grace was walking on her dock at Lake Wallenpaupack the […]

  • Doctors explain how they saved 12-year-old after flesh-eating bacterial infection nearly killed her

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Kylei Parker was a healthy, active 12-year-old girl, but all it took was a trip to the beach for her life to be in jeopardy. “This disease is very overwhelming and very rapidly progressive and can develop in any patient population, whether they are previously healthy or not,” said Dr. Kamal Abulebda, a Pediatric Intensivist at Riley Children’s Hospital. Kylei had a cut on her toe from a skateboarding accident before her trip to Destin, Florida. After […]

  • Utah woman charged after letting cat lay on her own front lawn

    MURRAY, Utah – A Utah woman was shocked when she received misdemeanor charges for allowing her cat to lay on her own front lawn, according to KSTU. When Kate Anderson was first approached by animal control, she thought something terrible had happened to their cat. Then, the officer gave her a citation, carrying the weight of two misdemeanor charges, for letting her cat law on their own lawn. In the Anderson household, Milo is treated like family. “He’s got a […]

  • Kansas home daycare shut down after six-month-old allegedly abused

    SHAWNEE, Kan. – A Shawnee home daycare has been shut down while police investigate what happened to a six-month-old boy. The child’s parents say he was fine when they dropped him off and anything but OK when they picked him up, according to WDAF. “It was really hard. The kids are my whole life. My family is my whole world,” said Glen Braun’s mother, Sarah Braun. Braun’s world changed Thursday when she picked up her daughter and son from a […]

  • Marine veteran reunited with military dog after years apart

    CHICAGO — A U.S. Marine veteran from Albany Park was reunited with an old military buddy at Midway Airport Tuesday, and the wagging tail and kisses prove that absence makes the hound grow fonder. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but 8-year-old U.S. Marine canine Atilla R7-89 still had one surprise for his old partner. The german shepherd and trained tracker worked with Marine Sgt. Jacob Varela for three years in a special operations unit. The […]

  • Iowa still trying to collect 29-year-old seatbelt ticket from Minnesota runaway

    HAMILTON COUNTY, Iowa – Minnesotan Amy Rush is now in her 40s. Back in 1990 she was a runaway, hitching a ride with an older man through Hamilton County. The man got pulled over for speeding, and she got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. 29 years later she says the state is still trying to collect. However, she says she’s not paying up. Rush says looking back on it, the seat belt shouldn’t have been the officer’s […]

  • Woman with dementia cited for trespassing after ringing doorbell, walking away

    AURORA, Colo. — Nancy Daoust came to Aurora Municipal Court Monday morning to face a trespassing summons. But the 60-year-old honestly had no idea where she was or why. “The fact that this is quote unquote being treated as a criminal matter is very frustrating. You know, I have to lose a day of work,” Nancy’s husband James Daoust told KDVR, who calls her ticket for trespassing a lack of compassion and common sense. Daoust says his wife was diagnosed with […]

  • Teen graduates from high school after being in a coma for five months

    PORTSMOUTH, Va. – A Portsmouth teen beat the odds and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School after being in a coma for five months. Nada Edwards said from the moment she woke up, her goal was to graduate with her classmates, according to WTKR. With the help of a walker, last week she walked across the stage at Old Dominion University to receive her diploma. “That’s always been my number one goal,” said Nada, “walk across the stage for graduation.” […]

  • Camera shows grandmother attacked, robbed by stranger in own backyard

    TACOMA, Wash. – A Tacoma grandmother was attacked and robbed in her own backyard early Monday morning and the incident was captured on security cameras. But the thief likely didn’t get the pay-out he was hoping for, according to the victim. Surveillance video shows the grandmother park her car, and a shadowy figure walk nearby in the alleyway. The victim asked KCPQ to not identify her by name or reveal her face during an on-camera interview as she fears she could be […]

  • Community angered after police arrest 12-year-old boy running with a stick

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The residents of a Grand Rapids neighborhood are upset with police after a 12-year-old boy was arrested over the weekend. The incident happened Friday night in the city’s Baxter neighborhood. Police say officers were in the area responding to a report of a large fight when they saw the boy chasing after someone with a wooden pole. Police said he didn’t respond to an officer’s commands to stop, eventually leading to the boy being put in […]

  • New York man dies in Dominican Republic after plastic surgery

    NEW YORK CITY – A New York man died in the Dominican Republic after going to the island nation for a liposuction procedure, according to WPIX. The doctor wasn’t licensed to perform plastic surgery and the clinic advertises looking for clientele in the United States. Last week, 28-year-old Manuel Jose Nunez died after a liposuction procedure inside of the Caribbean Plastic Surgery Clinic in Santo Domingo. Friends are mourning him and searching for answers. “The life of the party pretty […]

  • Family devastated after dog put down by mistake at North Carolina animal shelter

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina family is still trying to figure out how their dog was accidentally put down over the weekend. “Oh she was devastated. My children were devastated,” Joey Varker told WGHP. Their dog Blaze bit a younger family member last week. Although the injury was minor, they sent the dog away to the Davidson County Animal Shelter for a 10-day quarantine. The family received a document from the shelter, showing they were approved to get […]

  • Abandoned dog left for dead becomes K-9 for Denver Sheriff Department

    DENVER – A dog that was abandoned and left for dead in Castle Rock last October has “a new leash on life.” Karma is now officially a K-9 with the Denver Sheriff Department, according to KDVR. “She’s certified, she’s ready to go. She’s got her badge, her ID… she’s official!” said her partner, Deputy Patrick Hynes. Karma has come a long way in the past 7 months. After she was abandoned in a Castle Rock neighborhood, it took several days […]

  • Teen fired as Christian camp counselor because he is gay

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Jace Taylor says he was struggling with being gay. Then last year, the Bellingham teenager finally came out with the support of his family. But now, he says another kind of family turned their backs on him because of his sexuality. “I was terminated based on my sexual orientation which was found out by social media,” Taylor told KCPQ. The 18-year-old says he was terminated on Tuesday after being hired last month by THE FIRS to be […]

  • Driver claims someone put homophobic sticker over her car’s gay pride sticker

    NORFOLK, Va. – A Virginia woman is trying to figure out who put a hate-filled, anti-LGBTQ sticker on her car. “It was right here – completely covering the whole sticker,” Cynthia Moore told WTKR. She’s talking about her Virginia Beer Company gay pride sticker. She noticed it Sunday morning when she was at her job at Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church on Olney Road. “In the span of time, I parked in three different spots,” she adds. Moore was […]

  • Five teens rescued from storm drain in Ohio

    MASSILLON, Ohio – Police and firefighters rescued five children from a storm drain in Massillon after a flash flood swept them into a tunnel, according to WJW. A group of kids was playing in the creek at South Sippo Park at about 3:30 p.m. when there was a flash flood, Massillon police said. One child became stuck in the storm drain, which is connected to the creek and runs under the city into the Tuscarawas River. Police said four children […]

  • Missouri woman whose home was destroyed in tornado believes God told her to leave

    CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – In Carl Junction homes are severely damaged in the Briarbrook neighborhood, but across the road one woman’s mobile home was destroyed. Debbie Heitzman said she never leaves when there’s a storm, but something Wednesday night told her she needed to go. The site where her home once was is a pile of twisted metal, broken wood and pieces of memories. “I was going to stay here, because I’ve never left my home through a storm, and […]

  • Students’ pro-Trump hats blurred from Pennsylvania high school yearbook

    LITTLESTOWN, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. – A case of censorship at a Pennsylvania high school is sparking controversy after “Make America Great Again” hats two students were wearing are blurred out from the yearbook. One of the students in the picture says the move violates his First Amendment rights. “I just think that whoever did this doesn’t like Trump,”16-year-old Jeremy Gebhart told WPMT. Gebhart says that he and his friend decided to show their support for the president during Littlestown High School’s […]

  • Couple’s home burglarized while they’re at hospital with newborn baby

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man into a Memphis family’s home while they were in the hospital with their newborn, according to WREG. Zach Peck’s son, Zach Jr., was born Monday. “Every time I look at my kid’s eyes he looks at me like, ‘Are you gonna raise me?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, I will,” Peck said. Two days later, the happiest week of his life was dampened by disappointment. Police say someone broke into his Whitehaven home on Weaver Road […]

  • Beloved puppy dies after grooming at PetSmart

    PELHAM, N.Y. – A New York man took his puppy for a grooming, but within the hour, his 10-month-old English Bulldog had died. Darren Harris, 22, got an emergency call to “come quickly” from the PetSmart in Pelham half an hour after he left Enzo at the salon on Feb. 14. When he and his mother, Tabitha Harris, got there, Enzo had been moved from the grooming Salon to the Banfield Pet Hospital inside the store. “He had lost so […]

  • Mississippi store owner admits to yelling racial slur at customers

    SOUTHAVEN, Miss. – Video shows what appears to be a Mississippi furniture store owner yelling racial slurs at black customers. Now the owner is defending his actions. A customer captured the footage Saturday, according to WREG. Witnesses say it shows the Hometown Furniture’s owner, Terry Pace, cursing and yelling a racial slur at black customers. “I couldn’t believe it. You hear people on TV saying these things, but to hear it in person just so aggressively was really off-putting,” witness James Mayes […]

  • Virginia students write play to educate adults on how school shootings affect them

    NORFOLK, Va. – It’s lights, camera, action at the University Theater at Old Dominion University. But when it’s time to cut, reality sets in for students off the stage. They attend the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk. Steve Earle is the chair of the theater and film department. “This year was the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, so that’s when I thought we should do a show in honor of the students who have lost their lives in school […]

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