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  • Chefs behind viral Thanksgiving meal on New York subway share why they cooked up the feast

    NEW YORK — A group of New Yorkers served  up a full Thanksgiving dinner on the L train in a video that’s gone viral. “We planned this for three months,” Jodell Lewis, who came up with the idea, told WPIX. “I said ‘let’s take it to the train, let’s do Friendsgiving on the train.'” And, for a whole hour Sunday evening, with tables and decorations and while the train was making stops from Union Square to Broadway Junction, dinner was […]

  • DoorDash delivery driver accused of sending disturbing texts to teenage boy

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A Sacramento County mother has a warning for parents after a DoorDash delivery driver sent disturbing messages to her teenage son. “I was terrified. I know that I’m not there at the moment. I can’t go out and handle this guy myself, so my son is in real danger,” said the mother, who asked KTXL to protect her identity. Her teenage son ordered Wendy’s off of DoorDash Sunday evening when he was home alone. After dropping off […]

  • Teacher accused of kidnapping student with autism says she was trying to help the upset child

    WEST JORDAN, Utah—Amy Martz does not deny that she walked with a student off school property two months ago, but she says it was not a kidnapping. “I’ve dedicated my life to helping children,” Martz told KSTU. “I’m a rule follower. I stay safely on the side of policy and law.” Martz is a sixth-grade teacher at Fox Hollow Elementary, and previously served as a principal for 13 years and is a lawyer for children. When she saw a first-grade […]

  • Woman stabbed for wearing fur boots that turned out to be fake, police say

    CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — An Ohio woman is facing charges after police say she stabbed another woman inside a church because of her boots, according to WJW. Meredith Lowell The stabbing happened shortly after 5 p.m.  Wednesday at Fairmount Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights. According to the police report, the victim had taken children she babysits to the church for choir practice when the suspect,  Meredith Lowell, came up and stabbed her. The victim suffered two stab wounds to […]

  • Ballet sets up GoFundMe to replace decades-old Nutcracker costumes

    DENVER — The Colorado Ballet is about to begin its 59th season of “The Nutcracker.” While it has been performed locally for nearly six decades, dancers have actually been wearing the same costumes for about half that time, according to KDVR. “These sets and costumes we use at the moment, I believe they’re about 30 years old,” said Yosvani Ramos, a principal dancer with the ballet. Ramos and Dana Benton are both performing in the upcoming edition of “The Nutcracker.” […]

  • NYPD partners discover they are actually cousins

    NEW YORK CITY — NYPD Officers Harley Greco and Tyler Barbour have been working side by side for nearly half a year. Partners in the 19th Precinct, the pair — who are both from Long Island — recently found out they have a bond that goes beyond the uniform. “My grandmother called me and said ‘do you know a Tyler Barbour?’ and I said ‘yeah, I just went to his wedding – that’s my partner,’” PO Greco told WPIX. “And […]

  • Woman claims man held her captive for two days, but suspect’s mom says she’s lying

    ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman says she was held against her will for more than two days by a man she thought she could trust. Staff and customers at a local bar kept her safe inside a bathroom while they waited for police to arrive. But the suspect’s mother says it’s all a big misunderstanding, according to KFOR. “We had a young lady come in here says she was being held captive and she’s been beaten,” a worker […]

  • Upcoming California power shutoffs might spoil Thanksgiving food donations

    JACKSON, Calif. (KTXL) – The latest wave of California power shutoffs could disrupt Thanksgiving for thousands of people – especially many of those in need. Many food banks across Northern California are now scrambling to prepare for a potential power shutoff as some have thousands of frozen turkeys and other perishable foods that can’t be handed out without power, according to KTXL. Denise is one of countless volunteers preparing food boxes at the Interfaith Food Bank in Amador County. “This […]

  • Artist paralyzed by bullet learns to create intricate paintings with a brush in her mouth

    Thousands of people order the holiday cards Mariam Paré paints, but few know her backstory is as incredible as the art she creates. For as long as she could remember, she was surrounded by color; paint tubes and brushes stacked high in every corner. At 20, she was one of the top art students at Benedictine College of DuPage. Until the night her life was changed in an instant. “I just saw the glass break, and my hands dropped off the steering […]

  • 38-year-old man awarded $2 million after botched circumcision at Iowa Clinic

    DES MOINES, Iowa –In the last several months, two lawsuits against Iowa Clinic doctors have resulted in nearly $15 million payouts, with the latest coming after a man’s unwanted vasectomy. In December of 2015 Zaw Zaw, a 38 year old Burmese man, was sent to the Iowa clinic with a referral letter for circumcision.  The letter was also faxed.  “In four places on the referral form it said circumcision, circumcision, circumcision, circumcision,” said Zaw Zaw’s attorney Marc Harding.  The letter, […]

  • Utah man creates ‘cat coolers’ to help feral cats escape winter cold

    OGDEN, Utah – A Utah man’s passion project turns old coolers into warm, insulated spaces for feral cats to take refuge this winter. “Normally the cooler keeps things cold. We’re going to use it to keep animals warm,” Philip Rogich told KSTU with a smile. It’s a do-it-yourself project that only takes five minutes, a little elbow grease and a few cheap supplies. “I actually have a 6-inch drill bit and then once you drill the hole you just use […]

  • Couple says dream home’s paperwork included racist clauses

    STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – A Stockton couple says they found a racist requirement in their paperwork while they were trying to buy a new home. After months of searching for the perfect house, prospective homeowner Esai Manzo thought he found it in Stockton’s Colonial Heights neighborhood. “This is a beautiful house and we love it,” Manzo told KTXL. But their dream home quickly turned into a nightmare as he and his wife went through the paperwork. “Crazy to think now […]

  • Family tracks down missing dog eight months after his disappearance

    PATTERSON, Calif. (KTXL) – Nearly eight months after disappearing, a three-year-old Chihuahua mix is finally back with his California family. Charlie, a playful and energetic chihuahua mix, had stolen the Delgados’ hearts. “My cousin, it’s actually her dog, she was like sad about it and she thought it wasn’t going to return back,” Greg Corona told KTXL. Corona said Charlie is also known to be curious. Almost eight months ago, Charlie wandered away from his Patterson home. Eva Delgado told […]

  • ‘It’s been a nightmare’: Caretaker convicted of attacking, killing veteran in his care

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro caretaker has been found guilty of the murder of a 75-year-old Air Force veteran with Alzheimer’s disease and the vet’s family tells KFOR justice has finally been served two years after the attack. “It’s been a nightmare,” Marc Richard said. “I’ve always thought about it and it has to be rage.” Marc Richard said he trusted Rocky Rhines with the life of his aging father, Michael Richard, but that life was taken. “There were no signs,” […]

  • Man drops 176 pounds to achieve dream of becoming a police officer

    RICHMOND, Va. – Romar Lyle says he always knew he wanted to work in law enforcement, but he also knew he couldn’t achieve his dream unless he made some major life changes. “I got a degree in investigative forensics and it was just so hard to find jobs and kind of figure out what I wanted to be, but at that time I was around 400 pounds.” Lyle says at his heaviest, he weighed a little over 400lbs. “If I […]

  • Kansas City voters choose to rename Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – What once was old is new again. On Tuesday, roughly two-thirds of Kansas City voters rejected the recently-renamed Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The ballot asked city leaders to revert to the former Paseo Boulevard name. The citizen petition-led drive scored a big win at the polls. On Wednesday, city leaders said the street sign changes will begin as soon as votes are verified. Nearly 70 percent of the vote, which came from a low […]

  • Colorado high school students with Down syndrome crowned Homecoming king and queen

    LITTLETON — Two Arapahoe High School seniors with Down syndrome were chosen as Homecoming King and Queen. Noah Stokes and Khrystya Gordon were chosen by their classmates at the school’s Homecoming game Friday night, according to KDVR. Saturday, they were honored in the Homecoming Parade, and again at the official Homecoming dance. Arapahoe High School has suffered its fair share of tragedies in recent years, including nine suicides. Noah’s mom said the choice for their Homecoming King and Queen speaks […]

  • Firefighter retires after one last shift with his son

    LISLE, Ill. — The Lisle-Woodridge fire department celebrated the retirement of one of its long-time medics Thursday. After 23 years, Michael Egan’s last shift was different from all the others, according to WGN. Fire Medic 1st Class Egan and his son, firefighter/paramedic Jonathon Egan, worked together. Michael Egan has been on the job since 1996. Jonathan Egan has been on the job a year and a half. He grew up around the firehouse and after initially thinking about having a […]

  • ‘This child was tortured’: Virginia mother charged with murder in death of two-year-old son

    HAMPTON, Va. – In a news conference on Thursday, Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney announced he is charging Julia Tomlin with murder and disposal of a deceased person in connection to her two-year-old son’s death. Anton Bell said that the medical examiner reported that two fractures to Noah’s skull were the ultimate cause of the toddler’s death, adding that the injuries were as if a child were to have fallen from a multiple-story building, according to WTKR. “These injuries were not only […]

  • Videos shows sex offender leave hospital where his baby was just born, walk nearly seven miles to meet teen for sex

    CHYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Prosecutors say a desperate and dangerous convicted sex offender walked nearly seven miles hoping to meet a teen girl for sex. Steven Prest has just been sentenced to two years in prison, and he’ll have to register as a sex offender for 25 years, according to WJW. He  began his long walk at a hospital – where his girlfriend had just given birth to their baby. Prest was one of the first to be convicted […]

  • Self-proclaimed ‘American nationalist’ running for Oklahoma State House responds to controversial posts

    SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – A candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives is causing controversy because of his social media posts. Jimmy Wood, a self-proclaimed American Nationalist, says his platform is America First, even more so than President Donald Trump. “To the voters of Oklahoma, if you want a better future and a prosperous future that’s not just about GDP and never-ending wars, then vote for me,” Wood told KFOR. 24-year-old Wood’s decision to run for office stemmed from an […]

  • Woman claims she escaped from Kuwaiti family holding her captive in Cleveland apartment

    CLEVELAND (WJW) – It is an extraordinary story of human trafficking that starts in Kuwait and ends in Cleveland. A woman told police there she escaped after she was held against her will for four years, according to WJW. Just before 11 p.m. on Oct. 15, Cleveland police were called to the corner of East 12th Street and Superior Avenue downtown. They were met by a terrified 31-year-old woman who told them she just escaped from an apartment in the […]

  • Barking dogs keep interrupting first responder radio traffic in North Carolina county

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) – Davidson County 911 officials are working to find the source of interference on first responder radios. “It is an issue, and it needs to be resolved,”  Chief Nick Sledge of the North Lexington Triangle Fire Department told WGHP. “(We) hear dogs barking in the background, other strange noises and things of that nature.” 911 director Rob Wilson declined to speak with WGHP on camera but gave the following statement: “We are aware of and working […]

  • Family dog saves the day after suspects try to break into Virginia home with kids inside

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. –A Virginia Beach man says the family dog chased away two suspects after they tried to break into his home. “I think when he popped this off and it fell… it scared my daughter that was sitting on the couch,” Tim Ryan told WTKR. He showed us how two people broke into his house when his two teenage daughters were home alone. “I was scared for the safety of my daughters,” he adds. Tim Ryan and Penelope […]

  • Closet where family hid left unscathed after tornado destroys most of Arkansas home

    SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KFSM) — The only room in an Arkansas home left unscathed by a destructive tornado protected a mother and her young children as they took shelter. All that’s left standing at the home are stone walls. The roof was completely torn away. The family inside told 5NEWS they built the home less than two years ago. Rachel Smith and her two kids were the only ones inside the home when the tornado hit. Her husband was out […]

  • Woman discovers ‘missing’ cat took 20+ mile joyride underneath her car

    UTAH COUNTY — A woman in Utah is still wondering how her kitten, Milo, is alive after he rode under her car through several cities. Jessica Mosher thought she had lost Milo. “Everyone else is like, ‘It’s just a cat, it’s not a big deal,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s my baby,'” she told KSTU. She spent the day searching for the cat, even posting on Facebook in a desperate plea to be reunited with her pet. Then she figured out […]

  • ‘Third Floor Sam’ has strangers buying him beer at work

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Michigan man is getting a steady stream of free beer after putting a clever sign in one of the windows of his office. The sign sits an office window directly above the restaurant’s Tree Room. The sign is several feet tall and reads “PLEASE SEND BEER TO SAM ON FLOOR 3. THANK YOU!” So far, in the year it has been up, people have sent Sam a total of 85 beers. But who is this […]

  • Man blowing up pumpkins with fireworks caused Colorado fire, neighbors say

    WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Neighbors say a field fire in Colorado was started by a man who was using fireworks to blow up a pumpkin. The fire caused more than $70,000 in damage. “We just heard this huge boom out back,” Brent Zeimen told KDVR. Viewer video sent in by Chase Berry shows emergency vehicles, thick smoke and flames. “This entire fence was just a blaze bright orange,” Sam Lewis said. Tenants saw flames race right towards their building at the Alvista […]

  • California woman used stolen identity to buy luxury car, police say

    LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — Investigators are searching for a suspect who allegedly stole another woman’s identity and used it to buy a car from a Lodi dealership. The fraud happened at the Approved Auto Center of Lodi and dealership owner Brandon Gonsalves said the woman suspect looked like a legitimate customer on paper. “She had perfect credit, driver’s license,” said Gonsalves. “I mean, you name it, it was all there.” Gonsalves said the suspect was shopping for a luxury sedan […]

  • Voice of Charlie Brown speaks after release from prison

    SAN DIEGO — After serving most of a five-year sentence, Peter Robbins, the original voice of the beloved cartoon character Charlie Brown, is hoping for a comeback. “Well, I know I was certainly mentally ill, “Robbins told KSWB, “I wish I had gotten treatment earlier by professionals.” The now 63-year-old, who suffers from bipolar disorder, is a convicted two-strike felon for making criminal threats against several people, including San Diego County Sheriff William Gore. “I went on a manic phase where […]

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