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  • How the Bromont Program helps change the narrative of those released from incarceration

    As the nation has embraced many conversations about prison reform, Mylrell Miner, a formerly incarcerated individual is working towards changing the narrative of the systems impacted community with his organization called the Bromont Program. “Every community is represented through media but not every community has a voice in that representation,” says Miner. As a young person, Mylrell has cycled in-and-out of Juvenile Hall since the age of eleven, culminating with an eight-year prison sentence served in his twenties. It was […]

  • School resource officer resigns after bodycam shows use of force against 11-year-old student

    A New Mexico middle school resource officer who was seen on body camera footage using force against an 11-year-old girl is no longer with the force, police said Monday. The student sustained a minor concussion after the officer pushed her against a wall and later held her to the ground, the Farmington Police Department said. The incident also resulted in the reassignment of a supervisor who reviewed but did not flag the behavior as unacceptable, Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe […]

  • Why it is important for trans people to remain visible

    SALT LAKE CITY – LGBTQ rights have come a long way in the United States, but two cases being heard in the Supreme Court could have enormous consequences for the workplace protections of LGBTQ employees. The historic decision rests on how the Supreme Court justices will ultimately interpret federal Title VII protections against discrimination based on sex when it comes to gay and transgender employees. One of the cases involves two gay men who say they were fired because of […]

  • Separated: The mental state of kids when a parent is deported

    Former Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez, a mother of four, has been on the front lines of a decade long battle of dealing with the mental and physical impact of the separation from her husband, Marcos Perez. Marcos was deported by ICE in 2010 after a traffic stop. After an honorable discharge from the Marines in 2009, Elizabeth never imagined that a stroll down the street would lead her to meet the love of her life, Marcos. “We were […]

  • After decades of searching, Mark Twain’s signature was found inside a famous cave

    Mark Twain made this cave famous through his writings, and speculation swirled for decades that he’d signed his name somewhere inside it. This week, the owners of the cave can finally confirm: “Sam Clemens,” Twain’s real name, is indeed inscribed inside the Mark Twain cave in Hannibal, Missouri. Clemens lived in Hannibal for most his childhood, from 1839 to 1853. Back then, the cave, first discovered in 1819 and containing three miles of passageways, was known as McDowell’s cave. It was a […]

  • Singer-songwriter Aijia Grammer shares her song ‘For You’ with survivors of sexual abuse

    LOS ANGELES — In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault charges and the #MeToo movement, more women than ever have come forward with their stories of surviving sexual assault. Songwriter Aijia Grammer (pronounced Asia) wrote and recorded her song “For You” after watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. Aijia invited survivors of sexual assault along with their supporters to the […]

  • Thomas Cook collapses, leaving thousands of travelers stranded

    British tour operator Thomas Cook collapsed Sunday night, stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers and putting 21,000 jobs at risk. The 178-year-old company said in a statement that its board “concluded that it had no choice but to take steps to enter into compulsory liquidation with immediate effect” after talks on a financial rescue failed. All Thomas Cook bookings have been canceled, the UK Civil Aviation Authority tweeted. Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook’s chief executive, apologized to customers, employees, suppliers and partners. “This marks a deeply […]

  • Dry shampoo bottle explodes in St. Louis woman’s vehicle, destroys sunroof

    ST LOUIS – A mother is warning others about leaving certain beauty products in hot cars after a bottle of dry shampoo exploded in her daughter’s car, blowing off the sunroof. Christine Debrecht said her daughter left her dry shampoo in her vehicle all day and they discovered the sunroof had been blown off. She said the product does have a warning on it that it cannot be warmed but she knows it’s easy for some people to forget, so […]

  • Washington school bus driver faces DUI charge after student dials 911

    A school bus driver in Longview, Washington, faces charges of driving under the influence and reckless endangerment after a child who had just gotten off the bus called 911, claiming the driver was intoxicated, police said. Catherine Maccarone, 48, is on administrative leave while Longview Public Schools carries out its internal investigation of the September 12 incident, the district said Friday. In the 911 call, the child said the driver passed three red lights, and “there’s still kids on the […]

  • Amazon to buy 100,000 electric vans as part of broader climate pledge

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a broad plan on Thursday to fight climate change, including meeting the Paris climate agreement 10 years early, which will make the company carbon neutral by 2040. As part of this pledge to fight climate change, Bezos announced Amazon will purchase 100,000 electric vans. These vehicles will begin making deliveries in 2021 and all 100,000 will be deployed by 2024, Bezos said. The vans will come from the electric vehicle company Rivian. Amazon led a $700 […]

  • A university studied the water quality on planes. You may want to skip the coffee on these two airlines

    You’ve probably never given much thought to the quality of the water on an airplane. Maybe it’s time you should. A recent study ranks the water served on major and regional US airlines. Drink up if you’re on an Alaska Airlines or Allegiant Air flight. Those two airlines tied for first place in the rankings in the study, from the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center at the City University of New York and the website But you might […]

  • US and Canada have lost 2.9 billion birds since 1970, study says

    Bird populations in the United States and Canada have dropped by 29% since 1970, signifying 2.9 billion birds lost in almost 50 years, according to a new study. The scientists involved in the study warn that like a canary in a coalmine, birds reveal environmental health. This steep loss of bird populations, including some of the most common birds like sparrows and finches, shows that human impacts on the continent’s environment mean it can no longer support the wildlife systems […]

  • Former ‘Jersey Shore’ star suing city of New York, alleging sexual harassment

    Angelina Pivarnick, a “Jersey Shore” reality star turned emergency medical technician, filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the city of New York, where she’s been working as an emergency responder since 2016, a court document shows. In the suit filed Monday, Pivarnick alleges she was sexually harassed by two supervisors while working for the New York City Fire Department’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services on Staten Island and retaliated against for filing internal complaints. In the complaint, Pivarnick says she […]

  • The Washington Monument reopens. Here’s what you need to know

    The Washington Monument, one of D.C.’s most iconic landmarks, reopens to visitors on September 19 after several years of construction and repairs. A tall, white obelisk named for the United States’ first President, the monument is one of the most dramatic features of the Washington skyline and one of the most popular attractions on the National Mall. However, like so many historic sites, the 555-foot-tall monument has needed TLC over the years. In 2011, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia […]

  • Dee Poku On Why Words Matter

    As the co-founder and CEO of WIE (Women Inspiration, and Enterprise), Dee Poku has been supporting women reach their career ambitions by providing real-world learning by providing unique access to established business leaders and thought leaders. She also founded The Other Festival, which showcases female creators and makers. Dee sat down to talk about her background and why words matter at our studios at WPIX in New York City. “I think it’s really important for me to be here right […]

  • Obama meets with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg: ‘You and me, we’re a team’

    Former President Barack Obama on Monday met with Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as part of her visit to Washington, DC, to promote environmental issues. “Just 16, @GretaThunberg is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates,” Obama tweeted after his meeting with Thunberg. “Recognizing that her generation will bear the brunt of climate change, she’s unafraid to push for real action.” Thunberg established herself as a bona fide climate action figure after staging weekly sit-ins outside the Swedish Parliament, spawning a burgeoning movement […]

  • KFC is testing some kind of Chicken & Donuts sandwich and we’re ready for it

    In case you missed it, America has been kind of obsessed with chicken sandwiches lately. But KFC’s iteration may be taking it a bit too far. Or maybe not. KFC announced it will be testing a new combination of fried chicken and glazed doughnuts beginning September 16 — a move that is either genius or insane. Customers have two options: a chicken and doughnut basket meal for $5.49, which includes chicken tenders or bone-chicken plus a doughnut; or a chicken sandwich for $5.99, featuring a […]

  • FBI seeking help identifying a bank robber dressed as a mummy

    Authorities in Texas are on the search for a bank robber they have dubbed the “Mummy Marauder.” The robbery took place on Friday the 13th at the First Convenience Bank in Harris County. The FBI in Houston described the suspect as a black male in his early 20s standing about 5’11.” The suspect wrapped white gauze around his face and arms, the FBI said. He also wore a wig and baseball cap. No other information about the robbery was released. […]

  • ‘SNL’ fires new hire Shane Gillis

    “Saturday Night Live” has fired one of its most recent hires, Shane Gillis, just days after videos of the comedian making bigoted comments came to light. “After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided that he will not be joining ‘SNL,'” an ‘SNL’ spokesperson on behalf of Lorne Michaels said in a statement to CNN. “We want ‘SNL’ to have a variety of voices and points of view within the show, and we hired Shane on the strength of his […]

  • School custodian gets down on floor to help student having a rough day

    ALVIN, TX — A custodian jumped into action when a student was having a rough day at school. Kenlee, a 4th grader at Passmore Elementary, has autism, KTRK reported. Noise at school was bothering her, so she got down on the floor and covered herself up with a blanket. Mrs. Esther, a custodian at the school, got on the floor with Kenlee and held the student. “Kenlee adores Mrs. Esther,” Hollie Bellew-Shaw, Kenlee’s mother, said. “She always greets my daughter with […]

  • Man says Oklahoma church members held him down to pray away his homosexuality

    BLACKWELL, Okla. – A church’s actions are under investigation after a man said he was held down by congregants as they tried to pray away his homosexuality. Sean Cormie, 23, came out as gay in the spring. Since then, he said his family has asked him to go to church and bring his partner, Gary Gardner. On Sunday, Sept. 8th, the two joined family and friends for a service at a church Cormie had attended many times. “I wanted to […]

  • Wisconsin brothers charged with running massive drug operation that made THC vaping cartridges

    KENOSHA Wis. – Tyler and Jacob Huffhines face multiple charges, accused of operating an “empire of illegal drugs.” The two were busted in connection with a ring selling illegal THC vaping cartridges worth millions of dollars. The two brothers appeared in Kenosha County court on Monday, one after the other. Officials say Tyler Huffhines was the mastermind – starting the illegal empire from just 100 cartridges and turning it into possibly one of the largest drug operations of its kind […]

  • Anthony Bourdain’s possessions will be auctioned off to raise money for his family

    For years before his death, Anthony Bourdain brought the world and its cultures into our homes. Now, fans can own some of what the adventurer had in his — more than 200 of Bourdain’s personal belongings are going up for auction next month. The items include things like paintings, articles of clothing, and even a custom-made Bob Kramer chef’s knife worth upwards of $6,000. The entire collection is said to be worth up to $400,000, according to Marilyn White, a spokeswoman for Lark […]

  • Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad wins Emmy for outstanding commercial

    Nike’s gamble to partner with athlete-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick paid off Sunday as the company won an Emmy for outstanding commercial at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The commercial, titled “Dream Crazy,” features Kaepernick alongside other sports legends including Serena Williams and LeBron James, who have reached beyond their personal achievements to support and advance political and social causes. The ad was released in September 2018 days before the start of the NFL season. Kaepernick was one of the faces of Nike’s 30th anniversary commemoration of its iconic […]

  • Eddie Money, ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ singer, dead at 70

    Eddie Money, the singer and songwriter that was known for hits from the 1970’s and 1980’s such as “Baby Hold On” and “Take Me Home Tonight,” died Friday morning following complications from esophageal cancer, his family announced. He was 70. “It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. It’s so hard to imagine our world without him, however he will live on forever through his music,” the Money family’s statement read. Money first […]

  • Marine tackles high school students during brawl

    STOCKTON, Calif. — A school fight in Stockton came to an unexpected end Wednesday. A video shows a Marine, who was on Edison High School’s campus to help with military recruitment, sprinting toward two students mid-brawl and tackling the pair to the ground. “I was upset. It was upsetting to see that someone would do that. I just think it was unnecessary force,” said Edison High School parent Mario Patiño. The incident is now at the center of a Stockton […]

  • The remains of a man missing for 22 years have been found — thanks to Google Earth

    For over two decades, William Moldt’s family was left with unanswered questions about his disappearance. Now they can have closure — all because of a startling discovery made while browsing Google Earth. Moldt, who was 40 at the time, seemingly vanished from Palm Beach County, Florida, on November 7, 1997. That evening, he called his girlfriend from a bar to tell her he would be home soon, according to CNN affiliate WPTV. Shortly afterward, he was seen leaving the bar, alone and getting […]

  • Felicity Huffman is set to become the first parent sentenced for the college admissions scandal Friday

    Felicity Huffman says she will accept whatever punishment the court deems appropriate. And in just a few short hours, the seasoned actress finds out what price she will pay for her role in what authorities called the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted. Huffman, who along with fellow actress Lori Loughlin are among the most high-profile parents to be caught up in the admissions scandal, will be sentenced on Friday. And while the former “Desperate Housewives” actress is expected to address a packed courtroom […]

  • Bullet hits inches from sleeping child’s bed during deadly officer-involved shooting in Burlington

    BURLINGTON, Iowa — During a deadly officer-involved shooting, bullets flew everywhere, including into a home where a family,  and a nine-year-old girl, were fast asleep. Grandmother Linda Scott said she woke up to gunfire just before 1 a.m. Wednesday, September 11. That’s when officers and a suspect were exchanging gunfire near the intersection of Summer Street and Angular Street. In the exchange of gunfire, the suspect was fatally shot and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. A stray bullet flew […]

  • Storm Area 51 creator fears ‘humanitarian disaster,’ pulls out of own music festival

    Picture Burning Man organized by the Fyre Festival bros, but with little gray aliens running amok. That’s what event creator Matty Roberts was worried the AlienStock music festival in southern Nevada was going to turn into, so he’s pulled out of proceedings, with just over a week to go. “Due to the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees, we decided to pull the plug on the festival,” […]

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